Colombia Causes Disruption of Relations with Venezuela

Colombia Causes Disruption of Relations with Venezuela

The Colombian government's decision to insist on accusations that Venezuela is harboring guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and National Liberation Army (ELN), led the Venezuelan government to react and cut diplomatic ties between the two countries Thursday (22).

"Venezuela breaks at this moment the top of this type of relationship with Colombia," said Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez during a reception given to the coach and former Argentine football player Diego Armando Maradona. The decision came after the Colombian Ambassador, Luis Alfonso Hoyos, filed a formal complaint to the OAS (Organization of American States) against Venezuela.

The purported "evidence" presented by the Colombians in the current OAS meeting in Washington were not even corroborated by their traditional allies, so they are weak and unfounded.

"I am obliged to break relations with Colombia for dignity. It's the least we can do and be on alert because Uribe is patient, and he is full of hate. We will not accept violations of our sovereignty," Chavez said in the Telesur network transmission, referring to Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, who, according to him, administers a gangsterish government and is a liar.

Colombia, in submission to the increasingly aggressive diplomacy of the United States in the region, destabilizes Latin America by accepting the installation of seven U.S. military bases in the country, besides having done completely illegal military incursions into neighboring territories, such as the one that resulted in the murder of Commander Raul Reyes in Ecuador in 2008.

The Colombian president Uribe seeks to show in his internal politics that he remains a "hardliner," repudiating a possible reconciliation between the president-elect and maintaining hegemony over the social and military sectors he collected during his administration.

In the field of foreign policy, Uribe demonstrates that he remains in total submission to U.S. imperialism, which fights the progressive governments of Latin America. The recent attitude only serves the interests of American imperialism, providing pretexts for the Americans to act more significantly in Latin America against ALBA, UNASUR and Mercosur, for example.

Sources from the Venezuelan government say that the Colombian move at OAS also has to do with the attacks of the presidential candidate Jose Serra to the PT, trying to turn the notice of the party of President Lula and the presidential candidate Rousseff to FARC.

Information Source: Lusa and Opera Mundi


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