Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Woman Hangs Herself At Detention Center over Lost Cell Phone

The police of the Tatarstan Republic urgently reshuffle their personnel after a tragic incident that took place in a detention center of Kazan. A woman placed in the isolation ward of the center was found hanged. Law-enforcement agencies said that the woman had committed suicide. The victim was detained in a local supermarket after she created a stir there over her missing cell phone.

Several police officers of the detention center were fired after the mysterious death of the 36-year-old woman. The chief of the local police department also lost his job after the incident, Tatar-Inform reports with reference to the Internal Affairs Ministry of Tatarstan. Acting head of Kazan’s Directorate of Internal Affairs was brought to strict disciplinary responsibility.

The personnel reshuffle in the police administration of Kazan only makes the case look even stranger. According to investigators, the woman’s life had such a tragic ending after a scandal in a supermarket. The woman was taken to the police station from the supermarket, where she attended the presentation of new alcoholic beverages on May 25. The woman got drunk when testing wines and then could not find her cell phone in her purse. The woman went hysterical and started demanding supermarket employees should either find or replace the lost phone, Life News reports.

The woman was placed in the cell for detainees. In the morning she was found hanging on the straps of her dress.

It seems very strange that the police administration of Kazan quickly started to dismiss the officers and officials involved in the mysterious and inexplicable death of the woman, RIA Novosti said.

“At present moment we are not ready to make any comments,” a spokesperson for the press service of Kazan’s Internal Affairs Directorate said.

It is worthy of note that the victim was charged with minor offence – public appearance in a state of alcoholic intoxication.