Bottle of Urine Underneath Police Vehicle Taken for Bomb in Moscow

Sappers and bomb technicians of the Russian Federal Security Bureau finished their work in Vadkovsky Pereulok in the center of Moscow, where a suspicious bottle with wires had been found underneath a police minivan, Interfax reports.

“The bottle was filled with urine. The bottle, the wires and other garbage near it have been taken away from the scene,” an official said.

The bottle was found underneath the police vehicle at about 10:00 a.m. Bomb experts arrived at the scene and examined the vehicle with the help of a specially trained dog.

“If a dog sniffs an explosive, it sits down near the object, which is a signal for us that the dog has found an explosive device. The dog did not sit down in this case,” an official said.

The plastic bottle was filled with yellow liquid. There were wires near the bottle. Specialists decided to use a remote-controlled robot to neutralize the “bomb”.

“The bottle was most likely a dummy. We paid a lot of attention to this problem because the number of bomb threat reports has increased a lot in Moscow recently. We investigate each of such reports,” a source told Interfax.

The site, where the bomb was found, was cordoned, 45 tenants of the nearest apartment building were evacuated.

Security has been heightened in Moscow after two explosions in the metro.

A woman called the police on March 30 and said that she was entering Partisanskaya station of the Moscow metro to conduct a terrorist act there. The same woman called an hour later and said that another explosion would take place at Schelkovskaya station.

The woman was arrested the next day. The 35-year-old woman said that she had made the calls in a state of alcoholic intoxication. She may now face a prison term of three years.

Three residents of Russia’s Kurgan region were arrested in Moscow on Monday. The police found two bags of explosives with them. A man called the police and said that there were two sports bags near a Mitsubishi vehicle parked near building 42 on Muromsky Street. Police officers immediately arrived at the scene and arrested the visiting individuals. They may now be sentenced to four years in prison.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov