DNA Helps Police Catch Elevator Pedophile

A preliminary court hearing regarding a highly publicized criminal case commenced in Kalininsky District Court of Saint Petersburg. A 37-year old resident of Saint Petersburg Kirill Resin is charged with a series of sexual crimes against children.

The first crime was committed back in 2001, and the last one in October of 2007. The pedophile’s victims are both girls and boys age seven through twelve. After the first crimes, the police realized they were dealing with a serial maniac.

He preyed on children in three districts of Saint Petersburg. All crimes were committed in the PM, when students were on the way home from school. The maniac was extremely careful and chose houses with a back entrance separated from the elevator shaft with a balcony.

He waited for his victims in the lobby. Then he would accompany them into the elevator and introduce himself as a maintenance worker. He would tell the kids he was called to check the elevators (hence his nickname “Elevator Boy”) and had to get to the top floor. At the top floor, he would ask his victims to get out of the elevator and walk to the floor they needed to get to.

He would then get down in the elevator and wait for the victims on the stairs. He would jump them, tie them with scotch tape and rape them. According to a local newspaper, after the rapes the maniac would make the children count till 100 and disappeared himself.

The investigators had virtually no tips because the kids were in shock and could not provide a detailed description of the criminal.

There were no witnesses because the crimes were committed in the afternoon when all adults were at work. Besides, all residents living on the top floors where the maniac raped the children used the elevator instead of stairs.

“Elevator Boy” was never in contact with police before and there were no records on him in the police database, which complicated the search.

The investigators conducted a very diligent work. Psychologists and criminologists compiled a distinctive portrait of the criminal. Approximately 3,000 men were investigated. They were all called to police departments as potential witnesses for other crimes. The police took their saliva samples under various pretences. When over a hundred samples were collected, the DNA of one of the investigated men matched the DNA of the “Elevator Boy.”

The suspected was Kirill Resin. He divorced his wife in 2001 because she allegedly cheated on him and lived with his mother. He worked as a graphic designer who developed labels and packaging.

In early February of last year, Resin was arrested. His family was shocked since they thought him to be a successful professional. Resin denied all accusations, but his fingerprints matched those taken at a crime scene. The police also had a surveillance video from a house where a schoolgirl was raped. The recording revealed the “Elevator Boy.”

The hearing will be a closed one since the victims are minors. In the last few years, the number of children who suffered from pedophiles has increases seven-fold. Fifty percent of all sexual crimes in Russia involve minors.

In June, the government signed a piece of legislation providing for stricter measures against pedophiles. Now they cannot be released on parole until they served three quarters of their term. Besides, differential punishment is introduced where the age of victims will be considered – the younger the victim, the longer the term. The proposed issue of introduction of chemical castration for pedophiles (the law signed in Poland last year) remains open.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov