Caucasian Servicemen Use Slavic Soldiers' Bodies to Spell 'Kavkaz'

A scandal is gathering pace in Russia’s Baltic Fleet. The scandal is connected with army hazing between army conscripts of a military unit in Russia’s Kaliningrad region. Several servicemen – nationals of Dagestan – humiliated their comrades of Slavic origin.

The servicemen from Dagestan managed to find a common language with each other very quickly in spite of the fact that Dagestan men are traditionally hostile to each other in their native land. There is even a saying in the republic: “Every mountain in Dagestan has its own way.” Nevertheless, the Caucasian men united and began to terrorize conscripts from Russia.

They would take away Slavic soldiers’ money, cell phones and food. They would also make the Slavic soldiers perform traditional Caucasian dancing and singing. In the long run, the Caucasians decided to do something original. They beat the Slavic soldiers and made them lie down on the ground and configure the word ‘KAVKAZ’ with their bodies. For some reason, they made them form the word with Latin characters.

One of the torturers climbed a boiling house and took a picture of the scene.

An investigation filed by the local military attorney department into the case of hazing proved that the incident had taken place in the town of Pionersky, the Kaliningrad region of Russia. Seven criminal cases have been filed.

Komsomolskaya Pravda

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov