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Policeman arrested in St. Petersburg for molesting teenage boys in public places

Police officer Denis Gribkov attacked passers-by and raped schoolboys when he was not on duty. He could not be caught for three years. The news about a pedophile with a holster on his belt appeared in St. Petersburg for the first time in 2006.

In 2007, the maniac did not come into the spotlight, and people forgot about him. A series of sex crimes occurred in different parts of the city last year. The pedophile attacked a 12-year-old boy, dragged him into a corner, stuck one hand into the victim’s trousers and masturbated with his other hand. The pervert would go into the metro during rush hours. He would lean against underage boys and played the same trick.

“The criminal did not threaten to kill anyone, nor did he pull out his gun to silence his victims,” a police officer told The Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper. “He is a fine psychologist. Somehow the victims trusted him and did not cry for help. They where standing peacefully while he was doing his dirty job. Most likely, they were paralyzed with fear and shock,” the officer said.

The maniac was going down the city’s central street, Nevsky Prospekt in the morning of 21st March 2008. Surveillance cameras recorded the following: the child molester caught sight of a seventh-grader, who just went out of the metro, slowed down and followed him for about 30 meters looking around. He afterwards asked the boy how he could walk to one of the city’s renowned squares. The boy replied instantly: policemen hardly ever ask anyone for help.

Gribkov switched to a hasty bear pace, which would afterwards become his distinctive mark. He sought for a quiet place where the “policeman” did want he wanted to do.

Gribkov’s victims described the molester as a not so tall, dark-haired man about 30 years old. There are two stars on each shoulder strap, which means that he is a warrant officer. Four victims immediately recognized him on the videos.

Gribkov still serves as a police officers and stands in good repute.

“There is presumption of innocence,” police chief Nikolay Solovyov says. “We can dismiss Gribkov only after he is convicted of the crimes. You know, we do not want criminals to work in our staff. There were probably faults and excesses in Gribkov’s service, but they happen always. I know that he made many arrests and deserved many encouragements. He wanted to work in the criminal investigation office. He had a thirst for operational activities. He would have been transferred there in a month”.

Komsomolskaya Pravda

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