Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Georgia’s Saakashvili suffers from paranoid delusion, Russia says

Georgia ’s Saakashvili suffers from paranoid delusion, Russia says

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili made a public statement regarding the plot among general officers of the Georgian Army and the riot at the armored cavalry battalion in the settlement of Mukhrovani. He said that it was Russia’s provocation and added that Georgia had not bought into it and preserved law and order instead.

The armored cavalry battalion is stationed near the settlement of Mukhrovani about 30 kilometers far from the Georgian capital of Tbilisi. The mutineers did not set forth any requirements. The Georgian military encircled the army base in the village; the administration of the nation’s Defense Ministry is in talks with the command of the battalion.

“This is an isolated incident and it did not embrace other defense units. The situation is under control,” the Georgian president said.

According to Saakashvili, the incident took place on the threshold of two important events – NATO’s military drills in Georgia and the EU summit in Prague.

“Russia increased its military presence in Georgia three times, which was obviously done to organize mass riots. It was aimed against democracy and Georgia’s integration into Euro-Atlantic structures,” Saakashvili reasoned.

Georgia’s Internal Affairs Ministry previously announced about the exposure of the anti-governmental plot, the masterminds of which intended to organize a military coup in the country to overthrow the sitting government. The plot was supposedly masterminded by former military men who were closely connected with Russian special services.

“The plan was coordinated with Russia and was meant to either disrupt NATO’s military exercises in Georgia or even conduct a large-scale military coup in the country,” officials of the Georgian Internal Affairs Ministry said.

The command of the tank battalion in Mukhrovani declared its insubordination to the government today (May 5). Saakashvili said that a state of emergency was announced at all military units of the country after it became known that a group of Georgian military officials plotted riots.

Georgia’s official statement about Russia’s involvement in the preparation of the military coup in the country became a surprise for the Russian administration.

“This is nothing but delirium and agony of Saakashvili’s regime,” a source at Russia’s special services told Itar-Tass news agency. “The statements from Georgia’s Internal Affairs Ministry about Russia’s participation in the plot do not withstand any criticism,” the source added. “This is a hoax, which Georgia uses to distract the public attention from the inner political problems in the country,” an identified Russian official said.

Georgia’s Internal Affairs Ministry has become a punitive organization which is ready to do anything to keep Saakashvili at the helm of state.

“Saakashvili’s regime has completely lost the credit of the military and special services. The head of state is supposed to rely on those people, and Mikhail Saakashvili has entirely lost their support,” the head of the Committee for CIS Affairs at the Russian Parliament, Aleksei Ostrovsky told Itar-Tass.

“The incumbent president of Georgia thinks that Russia is behind everything that happens in his country. This is paranoia,” Ostrovsky said.