Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Former commando decapitates his talkative wife after sex

A former commando, who brutally murdered his own wife, was arrested in the city of Donetsk, Ukraine. To her own misfortune, the woman told the man immediately after sex that she had had much better intimate experiences with other men.

The man will have to undergo a psychiatric examination and will probably be found insane. said.

The police said that the commando’s partner told him during an act of intimacy that she had had sex with many other men before. However, her previous sex life was much more interesting for her than that she was having with her husband, she added.

The man lost control over himself because of such straightforward remarks. The furious husband attacked the woman, inflicted many stab wounds on her and cut off her head. Afterwards, he threw the beheaded body out from the balcony of his apartment .

The idea to cut off the woman’s head did not occur to the man incidentally, the police said. The former commando has served in a number of hotspots, including the Caucasus, where he heard many fearful stories about Muslim warriors. One of the stories said that the warriors decapitate their unfaithful wives. Therefore, the man decided to find out whether it was difficult to cut off the head of a human being with the help of a kitchen knife.

It is worthy of note that women can be extremely brutal towards their husbands too. A hideous crime was committed about a month ago in the town of Nikopol, Ukraine. The woman dismembered her husband (a former commando as well), who was in a habit of darting knives at her.

Passers-by found the body early in the morning. The body had no arms, no legs and no head.

The police later determined that the woman had slaughtered her husband after he started practicing the art of self-defense using his wife as a potential attacker. The man was in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

The woman told the police that her husband made her stand against the door and started darting knives at her. The former commando darted only one knife: the woman grabbed a hammer and hit him on the head with all her might.

The wife dragged the body into the barn and severed the man’s arms and legs. The man was still alive. When she separated the head from the body, she put the body parts into a plastic bag and threw the remains into a garbage can. Afterwards, she took the torso to the lake and threw it off from a pier.