Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Pornographic videos and magazines push people to committing hideous sex crimes

A teenager raped two first-graders in Russia’s Chelyabinsk region. The young rapist told the police that he had borrowed an adult movie from his friend and decided “to try it” after watching the video.

The teenager is not 14 yet: the boy is not liable to criminal prosecution and will therefore be released, The Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper wrote.

“The suspect is only 13, he is turning 14 next month. He will have to be released in accordance with the law,” a police officer said.

The news about the disappearance of an eight-year-old boy named only as Yegor caused quite a stir in a small settlement of Vyazovaya. The boy was playing not far from his house with a friend of his, a seven-year-old boy Misha, last Saturday, when a teenager approached them.

“Hi, I’m Kostya,” the teen boy said. “I have a bike at home let’s go play at my place,” he said.

The two little boys were interested in meeting someone. Kostya was showing the boys along the railway tracks towards the city of Chelyabinsk. The three boys were walking for about ten kilometers. The new friend proved to be not that good as he seemed at first sight. He was always teasing his younger friends during the walk and even tried to hit them several times, the newspaper wrote.

When one of the boys, Misha, said that he wanted to go home, the teenager knocked him down on the ground and raped him. Afterwards, he took the boy to a highway, flagged down a car and asked the driver to take the boy home to his village.

When Misha finally returned home, he did not say anything to his parents. No one suspected anything at all because the boy came home on time. In the meantime, Yegor’s parents were searching for their son all over the village.

Kostya and Yegor continued walking. The boy was following his torturer like a lamb. When it got dark, they found a shooting lodge where the teenager decided to stop for a while. He had cookies and sweets in his pockets – the teenager was picking them at a local cemetery (it is considered a tradition in Russia to leave biscuits, sweets and sandwiches on graves as food for the deceased loved ones).

It turned out later that Kostya had escaped from his home three weeks ago and was walking from his village in Bashkortostan Republic to Chelyabinsk. His mother did not even file a police report after the son was absent for a whole month.

The two boys left the lodge and continued their journey in the morning. The police caught them soon afterwards at a railway crossing. Yegor told his story to the police, but they did not believe him at first. Afterwards, when Misha confirmed Yegor’s testimony, the teenager confessed to the crime.

The teenager told the police that he had borrowed an adult DVD from a friend of his and then decided to try it all himself.

Pornographic production pushes people to sex crimes in many countries of the world. For example, the police of Japan’s Fukuoka arrested a 17-year-old man in August 2003, after he had raped over 30 women aged between 19 and 32 within a year. It was later determined that the young man was a regular visitor of porn sites. The man told the police that he had an uncontrollable desire to possess a woman every time he watched porn videos and visited porn sites. The man would choose only lonely women and attacked his victims at the moment when they were opening the doors of their apartments coming back home from work. One of the man’s victims fell down from the second storey trying to escape from the rapist. The 26-year-old woman injured her spine and became a wheelchair-bound disabled individual.

Women can also fall under the influence of pornography. A woman from the Republic of Tatarstan was suspected of raping adopted children in September 2008. The woman became a sex maniac when she began watching pornographic videos after her husband left her.

The woman decided to raise adopted children together with her husband, during the time of their family life. The couple decided to adopt a child after their 20-year-old son committed suicide. The family had adopted three children by the time when the man decided to leave his wife.

The woman started watching pornographic videos and subsequently decided to have her adopted children involved in her sexual activities.

The story ended after custody agencies decided to deliver the children to other foster parents. As soon as the children (from seven to ten years of age) found themselves in a new family, they immediately told everything to their new parents.

The woman says now that she does not remember anything.

A shocking rape and murder case was heard at a court of Novosibirsk in Russia ’s Siberia in December 2003. An 11- year - old boy was raped and brutally murdered .

The mutilated body of the child was found on August 4, 2003 . The unidentified perpetrator murdered the boy having ripped his body up from throat to waist. The criminal cut the victim’s kidneys and heart out, cut off the boy’s genitals and carved a cross on his back.

The 11-year-old boy and his two friends went fishing on July 30. A man joined the boys as they were going to the river and began showing them pornographic magazines. Two boys ran away, but the third one stayed to look at the explicit pictures.

The man was subsequently arrested. He was a mentally unbalanced individual who had already been convicted of sex crimes.