Man stabs friend between legs over his birthday prostitute

Two friends went on a knife fight and were both hospitalized with serious injuries in the Moscow region. The two young men were celebrating their birthday and invited a prostitute for the party.

The police of the Moscow region are currently looking for the woman, who most likely sowed the seeds of strife between the two friends. The two fighters were hospitalized with severe stab wounds, reports.

The massacre began when the prostitute started to provide her services to the two men. One of them, identified only as Stepan A., was celebrating his 30th birthday. His friend, Valentin A, joined Stepan for celebrations in the morning. The two have known each other very well since their early childhood. Stepan lost his job because of the crisis, but he wanted to have something special for his anniversary.

The men decided to order a prostitute. Valentin, who was a private tutor on history, decided to make a present for his friend and paid for the private entertainment.

It is not known what exactly happened between the two men in bed and why they started fighting. They were hospitalized after only 30 minutes of pleasurable activities.

“They both arrived in severe condition. The guys were naked and they were literally dripping with blood. They could only say that they had had a fight because of a woman,” a doctor of a local hospital said.

“We have not been able to find the object of their passion yet. We only know that the woman’s name is Svetlana. The guys have not come to their senses yet so we have not been able to find out more,” a police officer said.

Stepan, the birthday boy, has a severe stab wound in his groin. His friend, Valentin, was stabbed in the chest.

“The two men are in a critical condition, but we have been able to overcome the crisis. They will recover. We hope that they both will have great wedding parties some day,” paramedics said.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov