USA approves Georgia’s aggression against South Ossetia and Russia

US presidential runoff John McCain said that Russia should not interfere in the conflict in South Ossetia. The pro-Georgian propaganda in the US media testifies to the same opinion. It brings up the idea that the Georgian aggression against the unrecognized republic of South Ossetia has been coordinated with the US administration. Nevertheless, all arguments of US politicians and experts ( interviewed some of them) do not withstand any criticism.

“We must immediately call a meeting of the NATO Council to estimate Georgia’s security and consider the measures, which NATO may take to stabilize the highly dangerous situation,” John McCain said.

“The international community needs to deploy independent and neutral peacemaking forces in South Ossetia. Russia must immediately and unconditionally cease its military operations and withdraw troops from the sovereign territory of Georgia,” McCain believes.

Ariel Cohen, a well-known US specialist on the Soviet Union, a Senior Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, stated that Russia was planning the incursion for months and that it was intended to demonstrate its hegemony over Eastern Europe, push Mr. Saakashvili from power in Georgia and not to let Georgia become a NATO member.

Apparently, McCain and other US experts believe that the extermination of thousands of innocent people and the destruction of their houses can be referred to as the retrieval of the territorial integrity.

It is worthy of note that Russia’s Air Force already prevented Georgia’s aggression against South Ossetia a month ago. The situation aggravated soon after Condoleezza Rice’s visit to Georgia. It is not ruled out that Ms. Rice okayed the beginning of the war in the region on behalf of the US administration.

Taking McCain’s remarks into consideration, one shall assume that the USA has provided certain guarantees to Georgia. The Georgian troops would not have opened fire on Russian peacemakers otherwise. Such battles inevitably lead to a war against Russia. Georgia would not dare to proceed so alone, without the support from the West. Furthermore, Georgia asked the USA to withdraw its contingent from Iraq to redeploy the military men to South Ossetia.

The evidence to proof the USA’s hand behind the Georgian aggression against South Ossetia can be found in Western media. Western news agencies, Reuters, for example, have been distributing countless photographs depicting Russia’s supposed atrocities in Georgia. Such photos along with adequate headlines can be found in practically all US newspapers (The New York Times is the best example for it). All of them unanimously accuse Russia of aggression against Georgia, but they do not say a word about Georgia’s actions against civilians in S. Ossetia.

This war has given the US administration an excellent opportunity to distract attention from the Summer Olympics in Beijing, which Washington originally intended to disrupt. In addition, it would escalate the situation in the restive Caucasus to exhaust Russia with never-ending conflicts there. In this case the US would obtain a full right to enter the territory under the guise of peacemaking forces and grant the NATO membership to Georgia.

Ukraine ’s Foreign Ministry would not have released its anti-Russian statement without USA’s instructions either. Ukraine virtually supported Georgia’s aggression having acknowledged the right of the latter to defend its territorial integrity with the use of military force.

A for history, the question of separatism – Georgia or Ossetia – is disputable. It was Georgia which decided to pull out from the USSR, whereas the Ossetians protested against such a decision.

Georgia shells hospitals and houses, killing thousands of Ossetians. Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic used to be charged with genocide for the slaughter of several dozens of Albanians.

US politicians have not voiced an appeal to cease the extermination of South Ossetia people. Vice versa, John McCain attempts to turn everything upside down accusing Russia of aggression, although Russia took adequate measures to save the Ossetians from extermination. The USA does not condemn Mikhail Saakashvili, which is another fact to prove that the Georgian president has won USA’s approval for the war.

Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov