Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Dumbbells fall down on woman’s head from 15th floor

Dumbbell disks fell down on a passer-by from the roof of a building under construction in the south-west of Moscow, Interfax reports with reference to a source in law-enforcement agencies.

Three weight disks fell down on a woman on Monday, April 28, at about 5:00 p.m. from the height of the 15th floor. The woman, born in 1955, was passing by the construction when the disks fell on her head.

The woman suffered a serious cranial injury. She was hospitalized in severe condition with fractures of the skull cap and the skull base. Investigation has been filed into the incident.

A similar incident, although with a much smaller damage, took place in Moscow in January of 2005. An owner of a Mitsubishi Pajero filed a lawsuit against a housing and communal organization of Moscow after heavy icicles fell down on the car from the roof of an apartment building near which the vehicle had been parked.

Icicles and a lump of ice fell down on the car and caused severe damage to the vehicle. The owner had to spend about 129,000 rubles (about $5,400) on repairs.

The court agreed upon the arguments of the plaintiff and his defense and ordered the housing company to reimburse the expenses to the car owner.