Dog killer keeps in awe pet-owners in Moscow

A crazy Muscovite shoots dogs. He has already tried to kill several dogs. Moscow pet-owners are shocked.

Today the residents of 4 Udaltsova Street, were woken up early in the morning by loud shots and whining of the street dogs. When they went outside, they say a tall dark-haired man that was throwing firecrackers at the dogs and watching the poor dogs yelling with terror.

When the man saw a woman walking her pet dog, he pulled out a gun and 2 times shot the small dog. The pet fell down on the ground. The second bullet went through the pet’s body. The killer, after a fight with the neighbors, escaped in the dark.

The owner of a pet dog, a 60-year old retired Valeriy Vasilyevich, had a serious heart surgery some time before. When the man saw, what has happened with his dog, he almost knocked out. However, then he pulled himself together, took the pet to his home, called the police and then took his beloved pet to the vet. There the dog called Darya got the surgery done.

Valeriy’s wife can’t hold tears. “Our children grew up; Darya is the only treasure that we have”. Neither she nor her husband knows the man who shot their dog. Police came too late and didn’t find in the neighborhood anyone similar to the described criminal.

Judging by the bullet and the fact that the gun had a patronage, police supposes that it was a military weapon. The shell wasn’t found, - said the police member, who became an eye-witness of the accident, reports

The residents of the nearby houses are shocked. Dog owners are scared to walk their pets, because the criminal that shot Darya is still not found.

Translated by Lena Ksandinova

Author`s name Alex Naumov