Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

The week that God died


This week, the notion that common decency and legality bear more importance than the rule of the mob, the precept that the rule of law holds more sway than the law of the jungle, were all dealt a deadly blow by a handful of nations which in a moment of madness, swept away centuries of progress towards building an international community based upon a global state of law.

Since Classical times, Mankind has striven to find a common identity based upon love for his neighbours, based upon the principle of brotherly relations, based upon common understanding and mutual trust. This quest visited a living nightmare upon generations of human beings throughout the centuries, centuries when it seemed that Good was a small island in a sea of evil, when the deeds of the Devil were far easier to see than the word of God.

These dark times took Mankind on a voyage through the Dark Ages, fraught with mass migrations and wholesale massacres of entire peoples, ethnic cleansing and genocide on an unimaginable scale, through to the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period, while Mankind tried to find a way towards what was right and just.

The evils of the Inquisition, the years of religious intolerance, gave way to a realisation that new principles had to be found and adhered to, principles nearer to the teachings of God and his prophets, to the gradual realisation that Governance should be based on accountability and responsibility.

Throughout these centuries, peace treaties followed wars instead of massacres and in 1648, the Treaty of Westphalia laid the foundations of modern Europe, establishing a generalised recognition of the freedom to worship, thereby implementing for the first time an acceptance that Mankind could be different, but equal under the same set of human rights.

Other treaties, leading to the League of Nations and later, the UNO, being set up, reinforced this philosophy and the UN Charter (1945) laid clear rules for the practice of international diplomacy. Thirty years later, the Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, signed in Helsinki, recognised the postwar frontiers in Europe as inviolable.

It took Mankind almost two thousand years to reach a state in which a brotherhood of nations had been created, where clear and fundamental rules had been laid down proclaiming that all human beings were equal and all societies and peoples had the birthright to live in their homes in peace.

Finally, a universal State of Law had been created; finally, the noble precepts set forth in the writings of the world’s great religions had become practice. The rule of law, and the word of God, had won the day. God’s law, God’s principles, in God’s world.

It took the Clinton and Bush administrations less than ten years to dismantle these centuries of progress and this week, right at the beginning of the Third Millennium, the law of the jungle has returned in one fell swoop. Gone are any pretences that international law is binding by any code of honour.

In declaring support for an independent Albanian Kosovo, the handful of nations led by the USA, the UK, France, Germany, Austria and Italy have made it clear that treaties are not worth the paper they are written on, these countries have admitted that they do not respect the law, the UNO, its Charter or any precept that decisions must be taken on a multilateral basis.

A handful of US Congressmen and Senators understood that by creating a Greater Albania (which will certainly follow), first the Balkans and then the rest of Europe would be divided and destabilised for many years. Divide et impera. For their part, the European nations which jumped at the opportunity to follow suit have either sold their souls and their character to Washigton DC or else have understood that only by creating an independent Kosovo can they rid themselves of the scourge of Kosovar Albanian refugees plaguing their societies. It is not by chance that these very European nations are the ones with the largest numbers of Kosovar refugees.

So this week, the Devil was uncaged and let loose with the blessing of Washington, London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Tirana, Kabul, Ankara and Rome. Let the History book register these names, these countries and these governments as being those responsible for doing the Devil’s work, destroying the noble precepts Mankind has striven so long to achieve, in this, the week that “God” died.

Nevertheless, the fact that these countries have pledged their support for an independent Kosovo does not mean that it exists. The citizens have a choice, to abide by the rule of law and to make it clear to the governments of those in legion with the Kosovar Mafia that they do not have the right to destroy international relations or, like these, to sell their souls to the Devil and welcome a new world order ruled by greed, hypocrisy, murder and a handful of invisible barons who manipulate Mankind for their own ends.