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Roman Abramovich buys A380 jumbo jet for 300 million dollars

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich paid 300 million dollars to buy Airbus A380, the world's biggest airliner, for use as his private jet, Le Figaro newspaper reports.

Roman Abramovich has become the first private owner of such an airliner in the world.

The doubledecker A380, which enters service later this year, is capable of carrying 840 passengers, measures 73 metres in length and towers over its biggest rival, the Boeing 747.

The airliner is to be delivered to it’s happy owner by 2011. Lufthansa Technik company will be responsible for the interior of new Abramovich private jet.

As Pravda.Ru previously reported The notorious oligarch purchased also a Boeing 767-300 – this jetliner can be compared to flying headquarters.

Rumors say the plane will be comparable to Bush's presidential liner after it is outfitted accordingly in Switzerland. Abramovich also possesses three yachts: 72 million pounds worth Pelorus (132 meters long), Le Grand Bleu (J50 million, 117 meters long) and Ecstasy (100 meters long).

The London-based residence of Chelsea's owner is situated not far from the city center. The house is worth 47 million euros.

Roman Abramovich has seven houses in Germany, France and Russia. In addition, Abramovich reportedly negotiates a deal to acquire several houses in an elite ski resort. The deal is evaluated in 220 million euros.

It has been recently rumored in Russia that Christie's sent an amazingly beautiful pink diamond to Moscow. The rumor said, a Russian wealthy person bought the diamond for $175 million. The name of the stone's owner has not been exposed.

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