Supportive, protective and delightful bras horrify fragile men

Once designed in 1887, tempting bras reached the peak of popularity in the world of fashion in 1994 when the famous Wonderbra appeared

The first bra appeared in Great Britain. In 1887, prudish British designers patented the gear meant to amend the shape of women's breasts. The garment looked very much like two tea-strainers by sight and to the touch. The innovation immediately drew attention of French corset-makers. In two years, a famous Paris milliner made a bodice which became incredibly popular. Since that time, the design of the bust gear began to improve. In 1912, a German corset-maker designed a brassiere having few claspers and hard details that turned out to be very convenient for both women and men.   bra

Hautana Bra was relatively soft; and for the first time in history women did not have to wear a chemise under the bra and put it on the naked body. Enterprising Americans opened a production line making the bra. Starting with 1937 women could buy bras with various cups from A to D.

The year of 1977 gave rise to a new fashion trend in underwear when light models appeared for young breasts. This underwear suited well for wearing under tight clothes. Bigger busts came into fashion in the 1980s that gave birth to the silicone boom. Leading bra-makers developed push-up designs. The peak of popularity of tempting bras was registered in 1994 when the famous Wonderbra appeared.

There were some curious facts in bra-making industry. Japan's branch of Triumph made a musical bra playing a well-known melody by Mozart. The bra was designed to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the composer. In early 1990s, a bra weighing 24 carat was made of gold.

There are several types of bras that women wear today. Doctors insist that women's breasts need special protection while indulging in sport. At that, several models of bras were designed especially for different kinds of sport. Those bras are made of materials allowing the skin to breath. Bra makers also designed exclusive models for women with plump breasts which make the bust look smaller. The effect is achieved with particular cuts of the bra cups and location of straps. There are also correcting or tempting bras that help women emphasize the beauty of their breasts. These bras improve the sight of busts lifting them up a little. Women can wear bras filled with thin foam-rubber to make the bust look one size bigger. Push-up bras stuffed with soft material may seriously change the bust shape. This is interesting that first false bras appeared in the 18th century.

Those who do not risk undergoing plastic surgery to make the bust better or bigger may wear bras with silicone pads. The result is the same that after plastic surgery on bosom, at least by sight and to the touch. Last generation push-up bras are especially elegant and beautiful. Many women buy push-up bras matching the color of their evening dresses so that edges of bra could be seen through decollete.

There are bras meant to be worn with tight clothes and for open dresses. Bras for open dresses have transforming straps. Bra-makers also offer bras with silicone straps especially for open dresses and tops. Corset dresses require wearing strapless and balkonette bras. These bras produce the visual effect of breast enlargement.

Young mothers often cannot wear standard bras and feel that their breasts need special protection during the lactation period. Bra makers offer soft bras the cuts and clasps of which wonderfully support young mothers' breasts and give them the feeling of comfort while breast-feeding. 

Doctors say that men may run certain risks when they experience a wonderful pleasure of undressing a woman. An opinion poll was conducted to reveal that forty percent of men often find it problematic to take bras off their women. Clasps and straps turn out to be a real trouble for men at times. On average a man spends 27 seconds to take off a bra using his both hands. This is incredible but some men participating in an experiment spent 20 minutes taking off bras! An incident that occurred to a 27-year-old man suggested researchers the idea of conducting the experiment. The man broke his finger and got copulas seriously hurt when attempting to take a bra off his woman. The trauma resembled the one typical of mountain-climbers. The incident occurred when a finger of a man got stuck in the clasps of the woman's bra and he made an attempt to pull it out. The unlucky man had his hand put in plaster for three weeks.

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Author`s name Olga Savka