Ancient book of Russian sexual traditions found in Russian province

The unknown author mentioned almost all, sometimes unimaginable sexual activities

An ancient book with detailed descriptions of Russian sexual customs and traditions of the 18th century was found in a remote village. Collector Mikhail Surov, who found the book, said that instructions, which he could read on the pages, made him blush. “I thought that I was quite educated as far as sex was concerned, but I thought it wrong,” he said.

The book was found in the Russian province, in a village of the Vologda region of Russia. “I have been collecting antiquities in Russian villages for over 15 years now. I bought two large church books written in the Old Slavonic language in one of the villages that I visited. The people gave me this “Russian Kamasutra” for free, as a bonus,” collector Mikhail Surov said.

A small, brick-sized volume is adorned with stamping of heart-shapes. The collector believes that the book used to belong to a convent. Village people, however, were using the small book as a kettle stand.

”They would most likely burn the book in the end. When I started reading it at home, the stories in the book made me blush. There is quite an innocent question in the book; the question is addressed to a female: “Did you stuff the bag with porridge? As it turns out, ancient Russians were making artificial penises with the help of this method,” Mikhail Surov said.

An unknown author of the 18th-century book described all possible types of sex and sexual relations. The stories are presented in the form of questions, which priests were asking wound-be monks and nuns in monasteries and convents. The author mentioned almost all, sometimes unimaginable sexual activities, including anal and oral sex, women's and men's masturbation, etc.

”In addition to plain descriptions, the book contains a selection of instructions and recommendations for people to clear their sex sins. There is a prayer, which is supposed to be read out from 400 to 800 times, depending on the extent of the sin,” the Russian collector said.

Specialists believe that the discovered book of the “Russian Kamasutra” is most likely an example of so-called outlawed literature, which the Russian Orthodox Church prohibited. Clergymen believe, however, that such a “reference book” could actually exist indeed.

”There is a certain list of questions, which priests can ask their parishioners. A part of them touches upon the Seventh Commandment - “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” Those questions are much milder, though,” a local priest said.

Mikhail Surov still owns the scandalous book, although some people have already offered the collector a considerable reward for a piece of ancient Russian erotica. “I want to keep the book in my collection, if they do not steal it from me, of course. I called one of Moscow institutes of Russian history and told specialists of my finding, although they did not wish to listen to me at all,” the collector said.

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Author`s name Olga Savka