Stunning virtuoso mesmerizes audience

Veselin Stanev is a true genius of the music world.

A real connoisseur of classical music, Stanev is a pianist whose utter passion for music makes him devote himself entirely to music! He prefers to refrain from improvisations while constantly paying tribute to the composer, whose music he performs. Western media is already calling him a genius. Stanev's recent concerts in St. Petersburg and Moscow were a great success.

Here is what “Irish Examiner” has written about Veselin Stanev’s performance: “The simplicity of Stanev’s performance is stunning because he isn't just a genuine virtuoso, but a true genius. Virtuosity in a pianist encompasses both technical and emotional aspects; a true genius emerges from true talent in mystical and metaphysical way alike…”. Indeed, Western media isn't afraid to attribute such high marks to the man. Each time Mr. Stanev steps onto a stage of the Moscow conservatory of music, it seems as though his main intention is to share something of tremendous importance with us.

The program devised specifically for Russia seems to be almost impossible to perform. Eight sonatas of the father of the virtuoso piano style Giuseppe Domenico Skarlatti as well as Robert Shuman's Fantasies in Do major dedicated to F. List are performed by Stanev with incredible lightness. As though in a trance the pianist finds himself fully absorbed by the magical aura of the music. Familiar lyrical pieces of Edward Grig aid the maestro to catch his breath.

Chopin's Second and Fourth Ballads are exceptionally difficult. Maestro’s performance however was carried out with the highest level of professionalism while being filled with life and love. It filled my heart with the feeling of joy and happiness! Not only is Mr. Stanev capable of playing great music; he is great at decoding composer's message and enabling the public hear the genuine message.

Veselin Stanev is a world's celebrity. He performs at numerous prestigious concert halls all over the world. He has played with Hubert Soudant, Armin Jordan, David Zinman and other famous conductor. Greg Ellis from the PTE Vanbrugh quarter from Ireland has said the following about Veselin Stanev: “Veselin possesses incredible level of virtuosity, possesses great sense of sound, he brilliantly expresses the thought behind music. This man is tremendously poetic. He’s got natural feel for music. He is a genius. It's like an ingenuous game, which bears the ultimate meaning.”

Well, perhaps, meeting with an authentic musician really helps to acquire the meaning.    

 Marfa Zubkova

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov