Russian toasts cheering friendship

You can use these toasts when drinking wine with your friends.
Once upon a time, a horde of wolves lived in jungles. Their leader was very old. One day, when the horde was going for hunting, the leader told he was not capable of leading them. A young strong wolf approached the leader and asked him to allow him to lead the horde.

The old wolf agreed, and the horde went to seek food.

In a day the wolves returned with prey. The young wolf told the leader that they attacked the seven hunters and easily killed the men.

Time came for the horde to go hunt again, and the young wolf took the lead. The wolves did not return for a long time, and then the wounded young wolf cam home alone. He told the leader that the horde attacked the three men, and only one young wolf survived.

The old wolf exclaimed in surprise, “But during the first hunt you killed the seven hunters, and they did no harm to you!”

The young wolf replied, “There were 7 hunters at our firs hunt, but this time there were three best friends”.

Cheers to friendship!

Two friends

There were two friends – Vasya and Vanya. Vasya was recruited in the Army for two years, while Vanya was not. When Vasya came back from the Army in two years, he saw that Vanya owned a company, had earned much money and married a beauty.

Vasya asked Vanya to hire him with his company, but Vanya refused. Vasya took offence and decided to go to his parents’ town.

When he was about to board a train, the old man approached him and asked, “Please pass the parcel to the person who will meet you at the town’s railway station. If nobody meets you, the parcel is yours”. Vasya took a parcel, but nobody met him at the destination station.

He unfolded the parcel, and saw much money there!

Vasya started his own company on this money. His business was successful, but in 6 months he fell ill. No doctor could help him. When he lost hope, and elderly lady approached him and gave him some drug.

He took the drug, and soon felt better. He recovered, and later met a beautiful girl and proposed her.

At his wedding, Vasya saw Vanya, “How can you, bastard, show up at my wedding, when you betrayed me when I was suffering!," said Vasya.

”I did not betray you”, said Vanya. “You were poor and approached me when I was rich, and I could not hire you as we would not have been equal in this case. You had no money – and my father gave the money to you. You were sick – and my mother cured you. And now you are getting married to my sister”.

Cheers to strong friendship of men!

Wife and mistress

Two friend are walking on the street. Suddenly one man grabs another man’s hand,

”Let’s get out of here! Quick!”
”What’s the matter?”
”Look at the other side of the street – my wife is talking with my mistress”
The friend had a look and said,
”Don’t worry, this is my wife talking with my mistress”.

Cheers to real friends!

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova