Half of Russian women considers Putin a Super-Man

Putin's classmates share their memories

Russian newspaper St. Petersburg Times informs that women go crazy about Vladimir Putin.

“I think he possesses unique male allure,” stated 33-year-old accountant Elena Volkova. She has a picture of Putin on her desk and carries a keychain with his image in her pocket at all times. “In my opinion, he is the best leader we’ve ever had in Russia.”

Elena is not alone in her passion. Natalya Kuznetsova, 23-year-old PR manager said to the Times: “This is a true balsam for my soul to see him representing our country abroad. Thank God, we have the head of our state that looks splendid.”

According to Kuznetsova, she is mostly fascinated by president’s eyes and smile. She does not like the term “sex-symbol”. “I always judge a man by his eyes. Putin has intelligent and serious look,” says she.

The same eyes however stir different range of emotions in foreign women. Irene Pitch is an American wife of a banker who’s first met Putin before his presidency. She describes her meeting with him in the following way. “I was mostly amazed by his eyes, a bit far apart; they resemble two predators looking for a prey. I wasn’t afraid. However, I could easily picture him working in secret services. People must have been interrogated by such look of his. Honestly, I thought Volodya’s eyes were not a reflection of his soul but his weapon.”

Kuznetsova presumes that Russian women find Putin attractive due to the substantial difference between him and an ordinary Russian man. “He does not drink, unlike most men here; does sports and always looks refreshed like a flower,” says she,

Rumor has it that most women get stuck to their TV sets when Mr. Putin is on and that they often tell their husbands “to be more like Putin.”

Psychologists claim that such reaction could be caused due to the president’s relatively young age (51).

 “I was not the only one in my family to vote for Vladimir Putin,” says 22-year-old Alina. “I like him as a person who has all the qualities to be a president and a real Man. I dream that a person I marry will have the same characteristic.”

Vladimir Putin is popular among older women as well.

75-year-old Maria Kuskova declared that she thinks of Putin as her own son. “He is originally from St. Petersburg and reminds me of all the boys who had grown up in communal flats,” says she.

According to experts, the image of young, energetic and predictable Putin poses major sharp contrast to sick and capricious Boris Yeltsin, country’s former president.

Before the inauguration, two of Putin’s classmates Alexander Nikolaev and Vyacheslav Yakovlev remembered the old days.

“When Volodya was in seventh grade,” recalls one of the friends, “he got into a fight with our PE teacher because the latter had been touching and pinching girls in our class. Putin wanted to avenge the girls. No scandals followed. Only our class was aware of this whole deal,” says Alexander.

As for girls, “he was a real gentleman. Refused talking about his girls. Although, I know one chick he had his eye on. Volodya's mother was sick at the time and he had to hire a nurse to look after her. The lady was young and very pragmatic. She wanted to stay with Volodya forever. But he sensed something was wrong with her. And one day, he came by my place with a slender girl named Ludmila by his side. He was the one to unite her life with his. Today, she is the first lady!”

“The Putin family used to live right by his school in an apartment building number 12 in Baskov alleyway, in a one-bedroom flat. The flat was very modest, with no luxury. His father, Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin worked as a master at a plant. He was very strict with the young Volodya. He never hit him though.”

His friends say that nowadays it is impossible to phone Putin. They are “not allowed” to contact him. They will watch the inauguration on TV however. “We will definitely raise a toast for his second term and the future of Russia."

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov