Minister's "farewell": 20% of knowledge useless

Acting Minister of education Vladimir Filippov announced his decision to sign a new law cutting the number of classes in school programs, thus reducing the work load.

According to the Minister, school programs in Elementary schools as well as in 5-9th grades will be reduced on average by 20%.

Obviously, the acting Minister did mention the fact that the actual quality of education is not going to suffer. Vladimir Filippov pointed out that in case students will be unable to acquire as much knowledge as possible in 5-9 grades, they will be able to do so in 10-11 grades where each one of them will have a chance to focus on specific subjects they favor the most.

As it is known, starting March 10th, the Ministry of Education comprises a sound union with the Ministry of Industry and Science. The newly established union of the two Ministries is headed by former director of the Ministry of Industry and Science Andrei Fursenko.

During a long period of time, students along with their parents have been complaining about an unbearable load of schoolwork in Russian schools. They are absolutely right, since several new programs have been added to the curriculum by means of increasing the number of disciplines. Now the problem seems to be solved. The solution appears to be relatively simple: all programs simply need to be slightly cut off.

However, this should not suggest that some disciplines are completely useless. Education system, at least the one that has been in use for the past 300 years, is not based on the actual benefits of knowledge per se, rather on comprehension of basic principles of various forms of existence. That is why one must acquaint himself with these seemingly useless subjects.

One of the goals of education is to create elite. Someone possesses inborn talents; others are simply patient and hardworking individuals. Such cutting down of school disciplines will significantly decrease the importance of hard work and patience, thus turning schools from the most important social institutions into places where kids can simply hang out while their parents are at work.    
Source: GlobalRus 

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov