Russians enjoy on-line love

The first Russian Internet dating guides appeared in a not so distant past. Their users can be divided into two distinct categories. The fist publishes the articles, the second views them.  So what particular sites are indented for dating on-line?

Some sites are full of brief ads. They often include height, weight, age, sex and activities of people. Other sites include love poems, stories and such. Some ads also include photographs, although, the amount of anonymous users is much higher. 

Men and women alike tend to browse such sites with simple intentions to meet a friend or a lover. There is no age limit for the ones who attend such sites (from 10 to 70). Majority of users are 19-40. It is not an easy task to determine one’s economic status. However, it is not impossible.

Among most favorite hobbies, people indicate billiards, bowling, karting, car races, cooking “shashlik”, walking in the city, watching movies, and reading books. Surprisingly, not too many people enjoy clubbing. A lot of Internet users prefer a healthy lifestyle. 

Most of those who would like to meet someone through the Internet possess relatively high incomes. Lawyers, bankers, programmers, realtors, students of prestigious universities are among the users. There is also an interesting category of people who are already married and seek either friends or lovers for extramarital love affairs.

One should not idealize Internet dating. But it sure is interesting to meet new people and embark on new journeys.           

Source: “Career” magazine #2, February 2004


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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov