Rules for Winter Strikes Came Out in Russia

Even being on strike, some workers must fulfil their duties
Everybody knows what an Italian strike means: employees go to work but refuse to get wages. Now, Russian workers also have their own regulations for organizing strikes. The regulations are rather funny.
The other day, regulations have come into effect; the document defines the minimum of services and work done by transport and meteorology enterprises when their workers go on strike.

The list of minimal services is substantial in fact. For instance, freight transport enterprises must keep on delivering goods to hospitals and cold food to children's institutions even when they are on strike. Pilots on strike will have to protect the state border and rescue aircrafts in disaster. Employees of domestic shipping companies cannot refuse ice-breaking operations and transportation of so-called dangerous freights.   

Roadmen are prohibited to ignore cleaning of unwanted items from roads, arrangement of protection enclosures and setting of precautionary road signs on roads under repair. They must also keep on clearing glaze-clear ice on roads. Meteorologists on strike must always keep on watching the level of environmental contamination and the radiation background, draw weather forecasts as concerning dangerous natural phenomena.   
Weather forecasters have no right to keep back information about storm warnings; they must also forget they are on strike if they need to warn people of snowslides.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov