How much is Happiness?

On the average, a person needs 4 million, 817 thousands, 616 USD in order to buy a house, a dream car and also lead a relaxing lifestyle somewhere at the Caribbean. This number represents an average salary in a 94-year span (according to the Western standards), informs Yahoo! Personal Finance.

Women however require slightly more money than men. Women's happiness, as it turned out, costs $4,8 million and men's—$4.7 million.

Interestingly, the price for happiness tends to increase as people grow older. Those who are under 24, need only $4,6 million in order to be fully happy. Those who fall into a 44-55 age group, are in need of $5,2 million.  

A total of 2500 people participated in the study conducted in November and December of last year. Yahoo! asked its participants to answer several questions about their incomes, savings as well as about their dream house, car, food, clothes and so on. According to Ananova, all of the volunteers were divided into four groups depending on their income and personal lifestyles.

It turned out that 45% of the participants wanted to lead a life of Playboys, hang out in clubs and pubs. 39% were considered typical “show offs”. While having not so much money, they would have spent it all in order to demonstrate how “cool” they are. 15% of the participants were included in a special category of “happy ones”. They preferred to save their earnings while leading an enjoyable lifestyle. 1% turned out to be “uncles Scrooges.” They would have simply saved and saved more millions without spending a penny.      

Source:  Rockefeller  

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov