"Green wooden monkey" is coming

According to the ancient Chinese calendar, every year is characterized by a certain animal. Also, there exists an additional 60-year cycle, since each of the 12 animals interacts with one of the following five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Wood. Therefore, it follows that the following year will be the year of a green wooden monkey.

In order for a Monkey to walk into your house and remain satisfied with the welcoming party, you should obviously create a welcoming environment for her. You should hang beautifully decorated garlands above your ceiling. This will remind us of natural lianas in the jungle. Place a big plate full of various fruits on a table. Let the Monkey satisfy its hunger with several plum bananas, juicy pine apples, grapes and oranges. You may also decorate your pine apple tops with serpentine or tie colorful ribbons.
Do not forget about a usual Christmas tree. It is better to have a real tree, since wood is the year’s element. However, if you do not intend to “hurt” any of the forest marvels, an artificial tree will do as well. Take into account however that some sort of wood or an object made of wood should be present at home at the time of actual celebration. 

Also, think of Monkeys when you decorate your tree. Along with traditional toys, you can also hang nuts wrapped in foil. You may also hang some exotic fruits on the branches like winter cherry along with bananas. 

If you are invited to attend someone's party, it would be great to take a Japanese tree Banzai, a miniature Palma or a "tree of happiness" along with you. One more thing, try to spend the first day of 2004 surrounded by good news and good people. It is no mistake that people from the East to be the most important. They say one can judge the entire year by the first day of the year.

The upcoming Monkey year is recommended to celebrate wearing green, brown or olive colors. Those born in 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1980 and 1992 were born in the Monkey year.

A Monkey is extremely mobile by nature. Japanese say that people born in this year are chaotic geniuses. While being smart and capable to handle things on a grand scale, they are wonderful employees in a wide spectrum of occupations. A Monkey is creative and original. It is capable to solve difficult problems at incredible pace. This animal is exceptionally social and one might think that she likes everybody. In reality however, she tends to have little or opinions about some of her acquaintances, while thinking too much of herself. Aside from this, Monkeys are often praised for their unique skills and talents. She reads a lot while trying to stay informed of everything happening in the world. She also possesses phenomenal memory and is capable of recalling even the tiniest details. This is a creature of passionate and strong nature which is capable to achieve success in life. The first part of her life will be happy, while the second will be turbulent, weird and some plans could collapse.

A monkey is an intellectual.  She has an incredible thirst for knowledge. She read many things, knows a lot and is constantly aware of what is happening in the world. She is well educated, possesses great memory. After all she needs to remember many things around her, due to her chaotic surroundings.

Source: NewsRu

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov