9 ways to celebrate New Year

If you weren’t quick enough to purchase Paris – New York ticket to celebrate New Year twice, if you wouldn’t be in London’s “Dome” club, don’t give up: it’s not the end. You can make an outstanding celebration with very simple means. What required is certain eccentric nature, but in exchange you’ll have something to brag about. Because in the end, joy of holidays is not the joy you receive but an opportunity to describe it to friends. So, let’s celebrate 2004…


On such a night one wants to feel philosophical essence of the moment. To rise above the earth and look at life, at past years. The most suitable place is observing point of a skyscraper. At the worst case – a rooftop or a balcony.
Observing points often have cafes there, so it’s easy to get into. It’s not much harder to go to the rooftop. Even if the door is locked, you can easily break it (once a year we can be criminals). Judging by the size of your adventurism, you can limit yourself to champagne drinking or the full table there. Balcony is the easiest, but of course least effective place.
Lights around you are all running somewhere, stars are whispering, creating reflective mood, and the world enters a new stage at your eyes. And somewhere below little people waste their time in strangling restaurants…


This is a variant for two people more or less crazy of love. Decorate the bathroom with garlands, fur-tree branches, Christmas toys. Make a gorgeous bath: with foam, sea salt, aromatics. A table with food and radio. Lights off, garlands on. You have never seen your bath like that!
Closer to midnight jump into the water and sink in feelings. The loved one, the fave radio, clock chime, water splashes… Maximum romanticism, and you can spill wine and spoil hands with salad. If you’ve got enough money, why not fill the bath with champagne?


Another means to freshen the perception is to travel back to the childhood. We were prohibited to be with adults all the New Year night, weren’t we? Now we can break the rules much louder. Gather guests, asking them to bring pajamas and bed clothes. Do not turn lights on, speak whispering. Put matrices and pretend everyone were made going to bed. Then a joy of disobedience begins: candled burn, pocket torches are lit, the most outrageous “children” drink alcohol and smoke. You can whisper dark stories and try to guess whether it’s already midnight or not yet. Amazing impressions guaranteed – it is much easier to return to childhood than it seems.


“We celebrated the New Year on Cyprus, how about you?” – “With cops!” For the effect of this one can sacrifice lots. Recipe is simple: one hour before the midnight, disturb a policeman a little bit and use the opportunity to tell all you feel about them. A night in unusual surroundings is guaranteed. Or you can just come to the police station: “Hail to the heroes! Can we celebrate with you?”. Surprise them, they’d be happy: for them this night is unlucky, for you – an exotic entertainment. You can also celebrate with outer bad luck guys forced to meet New Year on duty: doctors, subway workers, drivers… They all will be happy.


Haven’t you ever been jealous of those acting as Father Frost and Snow Girl? They behave like heroes, and everyone is happy to see them. They possess some kind of mystic truth, despite of fake beard and cheap makeup. Most can not imagine being at their place, but why not? You can enter any club, any restaurant in such dressing – any company would be happy, and noone whether you were invited. You’ll also be more lucky than “real” father frosts, as you don’t need to entertain anyone or report to your employer on missing gifts.
Finally, it’s an ideal variant for those who seek new acquaints – you’d be above any competition!

Schopenhauer used to say our life would be boring without troubles. We value only what is difficult to get, and like to remember difficult moments. Hence you should create some easily surmountable difficulties. For instance, celebrate it without seeing it.

Study the room and things in it (be attentive to the table, especially!), and blindfold yourself at 23:30. The next time you see the world it’ll be another year. Everything would be so excitingly unusual when you’re forced to touch not see it: salads, drinks, dances and even president’s speech. For even more fun, tape it all on video and then look at yourself. Just move more, don’t stay too calm and brightest memories are there!


It’s easy to study diving, 4-5 dives and you receive a beginner’s certificate. It would take you a few days. The dive clubs would love to invite you to celebrate the New Year together: in an aqualung at depth of seas or rivers. Don’t worry about cold, as so called dry hydro suits are suitable even for polar waters.
Of course, you wouldn’t see much interesting in a river close by, so be prepared for quiet darkness. But then you can redress and go on with celebration somewhere else, and tell this story around. 


If you know each other well in your company, and people are relaxed, you can join in a “Satan’s Ball”, or a nude New Year. How open would your clothes be (if any) is limited only by your fantasy. Bear in mind it might be the only opportunity to appear in public in such a fashion. Like an erotic dream come true! While you’re nude, just do what you usually do on New Year night: talk, eat, and watch TV, like it was nothing ordinary going on. Whoever says an ambiguous remark drinks a penalty shot. You’ll see how normal activities being filled with intriguing novelty and romantic undertone. Just have a few heaters ready, and watch for the ball not to turn into an orgy. Don’t forget a old Russian proverb: “you would live the year like you celebrate it”


It’s the most extreme way. All friends will drop dead of jealousy and respect. Your authority would reach out of limits, not to mention self esteem. Even if you would receive a Nobel Prize after that, the descendants would remember you as a man who slept through the 2004 New Year night. This is an act of individual who had comprehended superhuman heights of existentialism. And how fresh you morning would be!..

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Author`s name Pavel Morozov