Author`s name Pavel Morozov

What Russians think about taxes

Public opinion survey reveals interesting results.

Sixty percent of Russians believe it is a duty of every citizen to pay taxes in full. At the same time, 33% of interviewees claim it is not necessary at all if there is an opportunity to avoid this. These are the results of poll by Russian Centre for Public Opinion Research.

More than a half (54%) condemns managers who struggle to avoid tax paying. However, 22% understand this, but only 2% support.

The picture is different with non-payment by ordinary citizen: 43% understand their comrades, 29% condemn, 4% feel positive about this and 15% are indifferent.

Russians’ opinion towards “salary in envelope” (when the real wage is not being put on documents) are divided: 10% support this practice of management, 24% understand this, 36% condemn and 18% remain indifferent.

The great majority (84%) are certain that top state officials receive some money in “black cash” (similar to “envelopes”).

This poll was conducted in November-December this year in 40 regions of Russia, 1600 people participated.

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