Pickled dollars or where Russians prefer to keep their money

Bankers have recently found out where and how Russian people store their cash. Such idea has been initiated by one of the financial corporations “Nikoil”. Its main goal was to demonstrate all absurd ways of storing cash at home. Results turned out to be quite interesting and truly absurd.
One Russian woman is very proud of her little “secrets” of storing money at home. She is certain that no one will ever find it. She keeps the secret to herself. Not even her husband is aware of the hiding place. Back in 1999 when financial market was in ruins, she hid 2000 USD. Months later, she could not find the money. The discovery occurred accidentally. But even then the woman refused to reveal her secret hiding place.
Many Russians however, were willing to share their secrets. The bank has arranged a special exhibition of “hideaway” places in peoples’ flats. There were neither mats nor socks among the items exhibited. Men’s boxers however were among the most popular “deposit boxes”. Funny as it may seem, but there are a lot of people who prefer to hide their cash in such original way.

A man stepping out of his brand new BMW has mentioned that he lost his trust in banks right after default and continues to store his cash in a safe at home. One day however when there accumulated too much money in his safe he simply had to place half of it in a bank.

One young man has stated that he keeps his money in a toilet paper roll. At first sight it looks like an average roll. Inside however money is being carefully attached to the paper. One can easily store 27,000 USD or 270,000 rubles in a standard 54 meter standard roll. It is way harder to calculate the amount of money stored in a broom.

One of the most popular hideaway places turned out to be in a tin can. A three-liter can of pickles with a thick roll of US dollars impressed bankers the most. Russians also suggest to use impermeable plastic bags for money rolls when storing them with pickles. This definitely extends expiration date for both products in a can.  

 Russian women however continue to store cash in closets between bed sheets and covers. Old people prefer to keep their money inside pillows, under their sofas or in linens, reports NEWSru.com.

Some people store their valuables inside old, unappealing looking containers. One should also keep in mind however, that one day that old container might end up in a dump after a major cleaning procedure by one of the household members.
The overall conclusion: the more original the hiding place is, the greater the chance to preserve its content!


Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov