Author`s name Michael Simpson

Portuguese PRAVDA.Ru: A Year of Success

The Portuguese version of PRAVDA.Ru has the pleasure to announce its first anniversary on 9th September, 2003
In our first 12 months of activity, we have managed to establish firm contacts in all Portuguese-speaking countries and we now have over 400,000 unique visits, to add to the more than 2 million of the Russian and English versions.

We therefore begin to achieve our objective, which is to be a cultural, entrepreneurial and human bridge between the Russian and Portuguese-speaking worlds, establishing contacts, making friendships and divulging news articles to enable our two worlds to understand each other better.

We have managed to perform some works of solidarity in communities with special needs, collaborating with, which provides fully-operational PCs for educational purposes for 65 Euro in developing countries and we provide a gratuitous consulting service for immigrants from Portuguese-speaking countries who wish to come to Europe or who are already in Europe but have difficulties. We are happy to announce that we have helped many people through their problems and have referred a great number of others to the respective organisms. We intend to widen our humanitarian activities in the near future, directing what is available to where it is needed.

It would not be fair if we did not declare "bolshoi spasiba" or a "big thank you" to all those who have helped us this year, enabling the Portuguese version to surpass its objectives by far. Without wishing to forget anyone and offering a sincere apology for not being able to name all those who have sent us original, interesting and high-quality material, I would like to highlight the following, without whom we could never have reached our objectives:

The team from the Russian and English versions, for their constant and valuable logistical and technical support on a daily (and sometimes nightly) basis;

Our Editors, Armando Costa Rocha (Brazil) and Luis Maciel (Portugal);

Our correspondents, Inocencio Costa (Director, AFRICA, correspondent in  Sao Tome e Principe), Acacio Banja (Angola), To Braganca, Cultural Attache at the Angolan Embassy in Moscow, Bento Moreira (Mozambique), Djibril Mussa (Guinea-Bissau), John Lopes (Cape Verde); Lao Mendes (East Timor).

To all those in our wonderful team in Brazil, the country which received PRAVDA.Ru with open arms and that contagious, tropically delicious passion.  Ably led by our Editor, Armando Costa Rocha, our team is composed of Marcia Miranda, Carlo Moiana, Michele Matos, Ilana Goldstein, Fabio Rossano, P. Kaul, Adriano Costa, Urariano Mota, Jean Paiva, Tiago Zuanazzi.

The Partido dos Trabalhadores  and the Partido Comunista do Brasil, for the original material sent to us on a constant basis.

A special mention for Professor Nelson Candelaria, who offered us great help even before we went live, but who unfortunately died less than a month before our start-up.

In Portugal, the considerable help given to us by the political party Bloco de Esquerda (Left Block) which sent us original material, ideas, laws and projects for our readers to have access to their points of view and to discuss them, in a real example of democracy; the Renovacao Comunista (Reformist Communists); our Editor, Luis Maciel, our correspondents Agostinho Magalhaes, Cristina Garcia, Joao Santos, Joao Campos, Maria Ekaterina; Prof. Pedro Dores of ACED (Associacao Contra a Exclusao pelo Desenvolvimento); Solidariedade Imigrante;
Jose da Ponte and his connections with many international organizations for the protection of life and animal rights.

Finally, last but by no means least, a special "muchas gracias" for our special correspondents in Spanish-speaking Latin America, Mariela Ingold (correspondent in Uruguay), Prof. Jose Luis Pittamiglio (specials, Uruguay), Juan Blanco (Colombia), Hernan Etchaleco (Argentina),
Ralitsa Zaitseva, in Kaliningrad, who has made countless translations for our page CULTURE from the Russian version.

For all of you and for all the others who have collaborated with us during this first year, a special embrace, the Latin way, of friendship and solidarity from this space, which belongs to you.

Thank you all very much indeed.

Director and Chief Editor
Portuguese Version