Author`s name Margarita Kicherova

Russia Joins Organization of Islamic Conferences

The membership will raise the level of economic and political cooperation between members of the organization
The head of Russia's Mufti Council Mufti Ravil Gainutdin said on Tuesday that Russian muftis supported the intention of President Vladimir Putin to incorporate Russia into the Organization of Islamic Conferences.

The leader of Russian Moslems emphasizes that the number of Moslems living in the country is 20 million people; that is why Russian Moslems for many years speak about the desire to become members of the most influential Moslem organization of the world. Ravil Gainutdin says: "Russia's incorporation into the Organization of Islamic Conferences will not only help expand the present-day spiritual contacts, but it will also raise the level of economic and political cooperation between members of the organization. The proposition of Vladimir Putin to make Russia a member of the organization means that the president offers effective measures for development of Islam, one of Russia's traditional religions."
The head of the Mufti Council spoke about the importance of Vladimir Putin's visit to Malaysia as a number of important contracts was concluded during the visit to one of the most developed south-eastern countries. Ravil Gainutdin says it is very important that in the last years the leadership of Russia pays particular attention to cooperation with Moslem countries. "Our countries have a great potential for development of economic and political contacts; this is very important to use the potential."

Press-service of Russia's Mufti Council

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