Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

9/11 and Alexander the Great


By Qasim Raza

In 356 BC, a child was born to Greek King Philip with clot of blood grasped in his right hand. This incident of birth was viewed as extraordinary by many astrologers and fortunetellers. They had predicted that the child will spill a lot of blood, and will be responsible for large scale massacre and loss of millions of lives.

There were also many persons at that time, who were not viewing it as an extraordinary event. To them, it was like a normal birth, and they were completely unaware about the fact that what doom would fall upon many people of the world at the hands of this child. The astrologers were completely familiar with the fact that what a doom would fall upon the humanity due to the birth of that child.

For the first three years of his life, he played with snakes of his mother Olympia instead of toys. In the following years, he underwent rigorous training, equipped himself with martial arts, and became an expert of sword and spear fight. He also became familiar with the art of taming beasts, turning rebels into his faithful, and handling the traitors. He became the disciple of the great thinker and philosopher Aristotle, who polished his intellectual qualities. He also learnt to make strategies and tactics of war.

He was such an extraordinary person that at the age of 13 he became a complete warrior, who was having dream of conquering the world. To fulfill his dreams, he was prepared to show no mercy on anyone in his way. He was just waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

Fate was kind to him, and he got an opportunity to fulfill his dream, when his father died, and the rein of the Kingdom of Greek came in his hands. He obsessively started pursuing his dream, and declared war against world at large. Blood of humanity was spilled like water. Many people were constrained to face death as the same was necessary for the fulfillment of the dream of a ruler. His efforts bore fruit, and he successfully conquered various countries from Lonian Sea to great Himalayas. The world still remembers him as "Alexander the Great".

Thousands years from the day of "Alexander the Great", another event like that happened. A day under the name and style of "9/11" was born. That day changed the whole scenario of world, and it also swallowed millions of human life and caused large scale devastation. Though the event happened on 9/11 worth condemnation, but a common man had not anticipated that this day would be an excuse to wage war for those, who are having a dream like that of the "Alexander". But the astrologers of the present day had seen the clot of blood that this day was having in its hand, and they were aware of the devastations that were / and are still likely to follow from what had happened on 9/11.

This day has instilled a feeling of insecurity among masses of the world. That day has given the conquerors of the present world an opportunity to give a silent message to various countries of world that they are free to take whatever they want, and the map of world would be changed as per their whims and desires. The conquerors of present day, like Alexander, are also fanatically pursuing their designs to conquer the world, and crush those, who dare to raise voice against them.   

It was Afghanistan, which was immolated at the fanatic desires of the conquerors of present day. Iraq was another country, the population of which country had/have to bear the cost of the dream of ruling the entire world. Unrest in Middle East and Africa, e.g., the humiliating death of Colonel Gaddafi, strange revolutionary attempt in Egypt, protests in other states of Middle States, has also some sort of nexus with the dream of conquering the world. Now, Syria has become the target of these conquerors. It is to be seen that the turn of which country would be next. 

The thirteenth year of 9/11 is about to come. I am afraid that what has happened in past thirteen year was just part of training to conquer this world, the real devastation is about to come...!


Qasim Raza