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Glimpse of Roman Empire

By Qasim Raza

Respected readers please fasten your seat belts and throw off your watches, because this time we are going to ride into the era of hourglass. Yes, you are thinking right, today I have arranged for you a tour to Roman Empire and hope you will enjoy each and every aspect of this amazing trip.

Before getting entry into the Roman Empire, I want to brief you about some interesting facts about this Empire. Every city of Roman Empire had its house (like governor house) and every house had its lord, and every lord ran a gladiator school. The gladiator schools were used to train the slaves in order to make them carnivorous gladiators, and after turning them into the blood hungry beasts, they were introduced to Arena. Arena was something like cricket stadium, where all gladiators from different gladiator schools fought with each other with the only motive, i.e., to kill the other gladiator. He was exposed to only one option to remain alive and that was to slit all other gladiators. All the Roman citizens used to watch the brutal fight and struggle to remain alive as spectators. The magistrates, owner of other houses & their families, Commander of Roman Army etc. used to view and enjoy this evil play. They cheered on every cut to death, and this brutal play was a source of their entertainment. History tells us that a great prestige was attached to Roman citizen as is attached with the American and European nationals. The horrible play at arena was organized just to entertain the Roman citizens.

Now the gates of Roman Empire have been opened and we can see that we have entered into the limits of Capua. Capua is one of the important cities of Roman Empire and here in Capua there is a house of Batiatus. Batiatus is the lord of the house of Capua and Batiatus have numerous gladiators and slaves.

Now, we are standing outside the main gate of house of Batiatus. The gatekeepers, here, are cladded in military uniforms, and they are having spears with them. They allow us very gently to come in. We enter into the house, we can see the female slaves, who are working like robot. They are even not allowed to speak without the consent of the lord or the family members of lord. Look at the glittering floor, there is not even a single grain of dust on it, the credit of this exemplary cleanliness goes to some female slaves, who are bound to clean the floor for an unending time. There is a beautiful pond in the centre of house. On the right side of the pond, we can see the kitchen, where female slaves are busy in cooking. The Royal rooms for the Batiatus and his family are situated on the left side of pond.

Now let's move toward the terrace of the palace. From here, we can see the gladiator training school, where all the gladiators are looking much tired and exhausted. The instructor of gladiators, upon slightest neglect in training, beats them with scourge. Oh look at one slave who is just murdered at the hands of another gladiator during training session.

It is enough, we cannot handle it any more. Guys just pack your bag. They are not humans, they are just sophisticated animals. Let us go back to our world.

After coming back, I starts comparing the era of Romans with the modern world, and various questions come in my mind e.g., who says concept of slaves has been finished? who says we are living in a civilized world?

In contemporary world, one can feel the "Glimpse of Roman Empire" in the nomenclature and policies of America and its allied western nations. Today's historians are going to forget to quote another Empire into the books of history, which could be termed as American Empire in the books after 2000 years from now.

The features and qualities of American Empire and its allied western nations are very much similar with Roman Empire.

In Roman Empire, it was an honour to be a Roman citizen and Roman citizen was considered superior than other human beings.

In and even most of the places outside the American empire, there is huge worth of American nationals. If you are an American, you don't need to acquire visa to go anywhere. They can travel anywhere, and no one has authority to check their identity and they can wander in our country without any hurdle. On the other end, we the Non-American people are even unable to wander in our own local streets, because here on our doors step American and their allied forces are asking us to prove identity. It appears from their conduct that we have become big danger for America and these forces are here to eliminate the shadows of terror and death for the American citizens.

The recent use of chemical weapons in Syria again has made an alarming situation for America, because according to the America the use of chemical weapons in Syria shows that the America is again in danger, just try to count the distance of Syria from America, it is as far as dream from fact, and other countries who are in the range of Syria they don't have danger from Syria.

As we talked about the gladiator schools, slaves, arena and houses of lords in the Roman Empire. We can also find all four elements of Roman Empire in the American Empire, so we will just pin point those houses and cities of American empire, which are performing the functions of gladiator schools and arena.

Currently Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Egypt and Yemen are acting as Arena where innocent people are butchered on daily basis, and Americans and its allies just watch it as an entertainment and they are providing funds to more gladiator schools for the continuity of this game of arena sometimes on the pretext of war on terror and sometimes on the excuse of protection of human rights.

American empire just wants to sip the blood shake of its slave countries, and these slaves were being used, are being used and will use every time in the grinder of Empires like Roman or American to remove the thirst of superior people.

You know why the slave is slave?

Because he never feels his breathe.


You know why the cruel is cruel?

Because he never feels anyone.

"So slaves try to feel your breathe it will show you that you are alive and also at least try to give a feeler to cruel, it will show the cruel that somebody is also existing."

Qasim Raza

M.Sc in Mass Communication

[email protected]


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