Kennedy, King Lear and unspeakable Illuminati agenda

By Nicolas Bonnal

The assassination of Irish-catholic President Kennedy, fifty years ago, is the biggest and cruellest provocation of all time, for it came in a time when everyone had a television and thus the possibility to be assaulted and insulted by a monstrous conspiracy. We were all watching our TV (his burial is my first TV souvenir, and what a souvenir!), and we were assisting a barbaric and absurd attack that was devised to be inexplicable since its very beginning. Hundred of books on this silly matter will explain nothing, they will just drown the fish. We were doomed to be dumb; we were doomed to be eyes wide shut in front of the first globally watched performance of the Illuminati. 

Illuminati means here a mix of secret services (according to Lord Byron an agency is a demoniac group of devilish spirits, see Manfred), warmongers and media conditioners, magi that have replaced the spies, actors and false monks of the baroque times (read again the three musketeers!).  They could take hence the power and manipulate the reality as they would. And they used a war-slave like Oswald, (as they used sex-slaves like Marilyn), to create a Bin-Laden like image of false villain. They can use a Manchurian candidate, a soviet candidate, an Arab candidate...

As my readers know, Shakespeare gives us the keys of devilish modernity which appeared by the end of the sixteenth century: Hamlet, Macbeth, the Tempest are thus full of hidden messages. This time it is in King Lear, and the words evocate an agent named... Oswald:

I know thee well: a serviceable villain, 

As duteous to the vices of thy mistress 

As badness would desire.

Oswald is thus diagnosed: a steward used in false flag attacks, a serviceable villain who will be charged of all crimes, like Bin Laden whose name means... loaded in German (actually The Bin Laden family came to Yemen from Spain where they spoke the ladino dialect).

Conspiracies are related to technology improvements: hydraulics, optics and typography are thus the keys to understand the dawn of baroque era. I won't comment the tools of our time...

King Lear and Oswald, King Lear and McLuhan: the play is important to Marshall McLuhan, the catholic theoretician of the galaxy Gutenberg. And with the symbolic assassination of the first Irish-catholic president, we entered into the new electronic galaxy, leaving behind the Gutenberg galaxy. Since this murder, we are in the abominable matrix of the ever-flowing images, ever-manipulated events and never-explained scandals. This is mere baroque witchcraft, as described by the Great William or Frenchman Pierre Corneille in his play the comical illusion or of course the great Spanish poets (Life is a dream, as put Calderon). At this already post-Christian time, peopled with astrologists, garden kooks, lenses-makers (distorters of reality) and alchemists, we discover that "we are such stuff as the dreams are made off". This is the secret of Shakespearian sadness. We are victims like Hamlet of a fake reign of appearances (they told his father the king died alone during a nap!); the victims of the "baseless fabric of vision", IE the mainstream media industry and control system whom everybody believes more and less.

But I get back to Kennedy. As I already asserted, he was murdered the 11/22 in front of a Masonic temple, in Dallas, a town situated on the 33rd parallel like Los Alamos, Bermuda, Tripoli, Damascus, Baghdad, Tibet, Nagasaki and other unlucky places of strategic and occult importance. The ritual importance of his abject and "inexplicable" murder has been admirably described by James Shelby Downard and Michel A Hoffman II in their master essay King Kill 33; the readers may read easily this great text on the web. It underlines the phenomenon of Aphanism practiced at high level of evil politics: the disappearance or the dismemberment of a dead body belonging to a VIP during a peculiar autopsy. It has been practiced since... Osiris.

But what was the meaning of this logical and ritual murder for the Illuminati? A sacrifice is said propitiatory when it helps evil, when it paves the way for new crimes and interventions and wars anywhere. And the shifting of the sixties prepared the decay of the white Christian western cultures, with the infamous lemma "sex, drugs and rock'n'roll". This meant the decline of European and white American births, the end of moral criteria and the beginning of the end of our industries and of our culture with high standards. We entered into the dark dominion of subculture, underground and soft Satanism (sometimes not so soft), except in the soviet-protected area. There they preferred Shostakovich to the Beatles, while birth rates remained high at least until perestroika and the overture to the west...

The assassination of President Kennedy (whose perfect family had astounded general de Gaulle) supposed too the dominion of the "unspeakable", to take the words of writer James Douglass, that is the secret services, the hidden CIA and the hardliners of what was left of America, turned into the heart of a destructive, alienating and global matrix. Lyndon B. Johnson, a high-degree mason, took the power, corrupted his youth, demoralized his country, launched the wars, and practiced a rabid anticommunism in Vietnam (3 million dead under the bombings!), Bolivia and elsewhere. He covered the infamous and conscious attack by Israeli forces of the US ship Liberty in 1967 and imposed silence to the Navy officers and their families who vainly fought then for their rights. Damned Johnson from Texas too was here denaturise his people with the nationality and immigration act, and so progressively distort the body and the soul of his country, as a black magus would do. But this is why the ritual murder of Kennedy was decided for, and infamous Warren commission was thus designed to designate the villain.

Damned Lyndon (think of Kubrick, again) B. Johnson who betrayed America would be thus nicknamed by Shakespeare:

his is a slave, whose easy-borrowed pride

Dwells in the fickle grace of her he follows.

Johnson is now replaced by Obama whose Illuminati controlled-agenda is worse than Bush's! 

As Mr Douglass says, Obama is not a new Kennedy; pitiful Obama is arguably the new Johnson, acting for the anti-white and anti-Christian minorities in America and for the sect of totalitarian oligarchs (the same gruesome gangs who hate Vladimir Putin) all around the world. Just open your eyes and minds to get what's going on anywhere.

Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor

The hour wherein the Son of man cometh.

                                                John, 25, 1

Nicolas Bonnal

Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov