Subway project reveals ancient thousand-year-old road in Greece

Subway project reveals ancient thousand-year-old road in Greece

Archaeologists discovered a road built from marble by Romans there 2 thousand years ago. Archeologists have found, in the second largest city of Greece, 70 meters of part of an ancient road built by the Romans, which was the main access road into the city for 2000 years.

The road was discovered during excavations for the new metro system in Thessaloniki, which must be completed in four years. The road is paved in marble in the north of the city, and will be on permanent display when the subway is opened in 2016.

The excavation site was presented to the public on Monday. Several of the large marble stones were engraved with board games for children, while others were marked by wheels of carts pulled by horses.

Viki Tzanakouli, one of the archaeologists who worked on the project, said the Roman road was about 1800 years old, while the remains of an older road, built by the Greeks, was also discovered at the site, that was even 500 years older.

"We found the roads on top of one another, revealing the city's history over the centuries," said Tzanakouli.

Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey