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SOS Kosovo. 45538.jpegKosovo is Serbia, Kosovo is a Serbian Province, Kosovo is the heart and Soul of the Serbian Nation and People, Kosovo Polye is where the Serbs came together and bonded. Kosovo to Serbia is what Cambridge, Oxford or London are for England, what New York is to Americans, what Chartres or Orleans or Paris are for France.

So why is NATO about to commit ethnic cleansing there?

Let us not forget that Serbs and Albanians and Turks and Bosniaks and Gorani and Roma have lived together in Kosovo for centuries; let us not forget that Kosovo is under international law, reinforced by the principles of the Helsinki Final Act, accepted by the international community as a de facto acceptance of existing frontiers, an integral part of Serbia, and period/full stop.

Let us also not forget that Kosovo is to Serbia what Shakespeare and Stratford-upon-Avon and a pint of beer at a village cricket ground are to the Englishman; Kosovo is to Serbia what a full American pig-out breakfast at a Trekkie Convention, and a leisurely family weekend watching a baseball game on TV, complete with hot dogs and apple pie, mean for Americans.

Let us not forget that in its haste to dismember Yugoslavia, NATO countries created tensions in the Balkans which spilled over into ethnic strife, let us not forget that the rule number one in certain areas is not to interfere (or meddle with a hornet's nest) and let us not forget that a huge part of the blame comes from these stresses created from outside. Once again, the FUKUS three are not devoid of blame, this time aided by Germany, which in modern times has managed to carry out what Hitler failed to achieve in the Balkans.

Everything was done to fan the flames of rising nationalism after the deaths of Josip Broz Tito (1980) and Vladimir Bakaric (1983) and the result is what we have seen: the economy of this region has been razed and the conditions have been created for ethnic tensions (and therefore divisions, exploited by the FUKUS and Germany) to last for generations to come.

However, international law exists and this spells out very clearly that Kosovo is Serbia and not Albania. Creating a Greater Albania to parry the creation of a Greater Serbia was a mistake the Fascists made during World War Two; indeed a Greater Serbia (including Krajina, including Republika Srpska and including Kosovo, of course and most certainly Vojvodina) makes far more sense than a Greater Albania in the current context of the non-existence of a Yugoslavia.

Let us remember that on June 28, 1389 the Serbian people stood heroically against the Ottoman Islamist Empire at the Battle of Kosovo Polye. Therefore the situation today, when an escalation of violence by NATO and Albanian terrorist elements against Serbs, in Serbia, is bound to create serious problems in the region.

According to military analyst and journalist Milovan Drecun, in his latest communication, the situation is as follows:

"KFOR, EULEX and Albanian separatist's government troops are
concentrating their forces in border areas of Serbian civilian enclaves. In the
area are very active Albanian and Muslim paramilitary forces ANA (Albanian national
army) mujaheddin and Vehabija Islamic extremists- coordinating their activities
with occupying NATO forces. On the other side Serbian people are on alert and
constantly reinforcing the barricades. Next move is on KFOR and Prishtina. They
will decide, when and if, they will start huge attack on practically
defenceless Serbian North "Getho". They have overwhelming military power- and
Serbian civilian population on the north doesn't stand a chance to defend
itself against them. Unfortunately, so-called neutral and peacekeeping KFOR and
Eulex (NATO) forces have sided with Albanian separatists. At the moment there
is a nerve shattering waiting game!"

Maybe this time if the outside players stop interfering, stop aiding Albanian and Islamist terrorists in the area and start helping the Serbs to retain what is lawfully theirs, a disaster can be averted. Yet today our international community lives not from averting and avoiding disasters, but by promoting them and providing them with tinder-wood. When NATO is involved, we immediately understand why.


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey