Russia's largest market hides billions of intimate secrets

Russia’s Cherkizovsky Market – the best-known and the largest market in the whole country – has been receiving a lot of media attention recently. The market, which enjoys the reputation of a city within the city (Google Maps pic), was closed not so long ago for sanitary reasons, as officials said. Most likely, the market was closed after Putin’s remarks about the need to struggle against smuggled goods in the country.

The Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper took a different view on the largest market in Eastern Europe and tried to analyze it from the erotic point of view.

The Indians males, who sell knick-knacks from India, believe that any Russian woman would be ready to sleep with them. The Hindus are very cleanly; they never get drunk and treat women with respect. Their only drawback is greediness. They offer women combs, toys, nail mending kits and other useless goods as a post-sex token of their gratitude.

When all vendors of Moscow markets had their blood tested for AIDS, it turned out that 80 percent of all Hindus were infected.

There are a lot of men from Azerbaijan working at Moscow markets. All of them prefer fatty women. The Azeri men are generous when it comes to their relationships with the opposite sex. They may offer money to women, although they mostly prefer to pay with their goods.

The whole world has heard of the Chinese economic miracle, but the biggest miracle that China has is Chinese women, of course. Tiny, feminine, beautiful and fragile Chinese females are also plentiful at Moscow’s Cherkizovsky Market. They can be often seen carrying huge bags of goods on their backs.

Chinese men may pretend to be the best husbands in the world, but nearly all of them are tied to their wives’ apron strings. This is probably the reason why many Chinese men are attracted to Slavic women. They can find them right on their workplaces offering better prices in return for sex.

Vietnamese vendors never hire Slavic women – they are happy with their own women. The Vietnamese men never pay cash for sex – they have to work very hard to get the money. A male vendor offers the things which he sells – rubber shoes, shorts, tracksuits and other goods.

There is another type of sex workers at the market – these women are referred to as fools. A typical representative of this class is a young woman from Russia ’s province, who comes to Cherkizovsky to buy cheap clothes. A male vendor usually offers her a considerable discount, just because “she is a very beautiful girl.” Afterwards, he invites her for dinner in a restaurant nearby.

The luckiest vendors may develop a romantic affair with female Muscovites. As a rule, those women are lonely and not young at all. They would be happy to live together with their exotic lovers, to cook for them and wash their clothes.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov