Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

The most popular Russian

The contest has ended and the West, the Anglo-Marxist West is proclaiming evidence of a new cold war by the fact that Stalin, at 11.5% of the vote, took third place. Breaking news from Reuters: "Dictator Stalin voted third most popular Russian" and the UK's Telegraph "The Sinister Resurrection of Stalin". Yes folks, this is the preeminent news from the top of the Anglo-Marxist kept media. See, there's a reason the Cold War has to start, those evil Russians are ready for a Stalin II, which is the implied message.

The rotten and dieing Anglo-Sphere has to do what ever it can to keep the peasants distracted and looking the other way as the top 1% abscond with the last of the piggy bank change. What better way than to start another Cold War?

Lets look at this story another way: the winner was SAINT Alexander Nevsky. He was a strong Orthodox Christian and a wise man who safe guarded the only Russian principality to survive both the Mongol invasions and those of the Catholics crusades, beating back the Swedes and then the Teutonics while keeping Novgorod free of the Mongols. A strong nationalist and a populist. Upon his death, at age 43, while returning from the Mongol Khan's court, the Metropolitan Archbishop Cyril said, 'My children, you should know that the sun of the Suzdalian land has set. There will never be another prince like him in the Suzdalian land.'

Second place went to Pyotr Arkadyevich Stolypin, another strong Russian nationalist and a proponent of not only capitalism but the free market and private property rights. As prime minister of Russia , he worked hard up to his assassination at the hands of western backed Marxists, to make Russia the most powerful and free economy in the world. After becoming prime minister in 1906, he frustrated the efforts of Wall Street (The Six Evils of Wall Street and the Suffering of Humanity) to destroy the Holy Russian Empire by crushing the Marxist revolutionaries that plagued Russia and bringing stability to the land. It was not until the middle of the First World War, 10 years later in 1916, that the Anglo-Marxists would have another real go at it.

Yet another way of looking at this is: 88.5% of the Russian population rejected Stalin and his policies. I dare say you will not have that kind of luck in America , Canada or merry ole England, not now a days when Marxism is all the rage. If America had to choose, more than likely the top three these days would be FDR (Stalin-lite), Red Lincoln (the first socialist president of America and some would say dictator) and Bill (Bubba) Clinton.

All of the contenders on the Russian list were discussed in a publicly broad cast show where a panel of historians, politicians, church leaders and other public figures went over each candidate's biographies and records in deep detail and understanding. This was done in an intellectual and respectful manner both to the subjects and participants. This is something one would never find in the American press, as one: no one was shouting and two: deep discussion are not only out of the capabilities of most American public leaders they simply have no appeal to the low educated masses where one in three students never finishes school, let alone gets a college education.

So instead of pointing a finger at the mote in your neighbor's eye, the Anglo-Marxist's populace should take a close look at the so called leaders and elites of their own lands and where they are leading them. Worry about your own bankrupt and foreclosed house before launching off on another self-righteous and blood soaked crusade to straighten out someone else's.

Stanislav Mishin

The article has been reprinted with the kind permission from Stanislav Mishin and originally appears on his blog Mat Rodina