Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

World’s most beautiful girl from Russia does not know how to spend her prize money

The winner of Miss World 2008 beauty pageant, Ksenia Sukhinova, from Russia’s Siberia, devoted her victory to the whole of Russia. “I am very glad to have brought this crown to Russia. I am proud that it is Russia that got the crown and I devote my victory to the whole country and to its every citizen… and to my grandmother,” Sukhinova said at a press conference.

Russian girl from Siberia conquers the world (pictures) 

The most beautiful girl in the world said that the competition at the pageant was very serious. She also said that she hoped to improve Russia’s international image to show the world that a girl from Russia could personify kindness, beauty and happiness.

When asked who was the first to congratulate her on the victory, Ksenia said that it was her mother and the directors of Miss Russia beauty pageant.

Ksenia had very good impressions of the South African Republic, where the contest took place. “It is wonderful country with its traditions and culture. I am glad that the contest took place there, and I would love to visit the country again. We did a safari ride, and it was great fun, we saw rhinoceroses and giraffes,” Ksenia said.

The victory in the beauty pageant will not hamper the studies of the student of the Tyumen State Oil and Gas University. “My plans have not changed. I want to graduate from the university, write my diploma and pass all state exams,” she said.

Nevertheless, the Tyumen University is very proud to have Ksenia as a student. “We realize that we are one of the few universities in the world that can boast of having the nation’s and the world’s most beautiful girl as our student. That is why the head of the university and all professors make advances to her,” Viktor Garabazhy, a spokesman for the Tyumen University said.

When asked about her private life, Ksenia Sukhinova said that her heart did not belong to anyone yet. “I was not going to get married long before my victory in the contest,” she said.

“Everyone wants to know how I am going to spend the prize money. I can only say that I have not received anything yet, so I am not planning anything,” Miss World 2008 said.

News agencies reported before that Ksenia, a former biathlete, might donate her prize - $100,000 – to the Russian biathlon.

Sukhinova said that she did not know whether she must continue her career of a model. “It is a difficult question for me now. My biggest plans for the time being are to meet my relatives and friends and see the New Year in together,” she said.

Miss World 2008 also said during the press conference that her favorite pet is a cat named Shustrik, her favorite movie is “Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears,” and her favorite book is “Master and Margarita” by Mikhail Bulgakov. As for her favorite music artists, Sukhinova named Sting, Madonna and Justin Timberlake.

Russia ’s Ksenia Sukhinova, 21, won the title of Miss World 2008 at the 58th international beauty pageant in Johannesburg, the South African Republic, which took place December 13. The Siberian girl holds the title of the most beautiful girl of the city of Tyumen. She Won Miss Russia contest a year ago.