Abramovich buys World's biggest yacht

The tests of a 500-foot yacht are being conducted in the shores of the Baltic Sea amid great secrecy.

In the last issue The Sunday Times told about “Flagship yacht for Admiral Abramovich”. The paper states that the Russian magnate, who already owns 3 gorgeous yachts, bought the largest privately owned yacht ever built – the Eclipse. These days the yacht is being tested off the German Baltic island of Ruegen.

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The yacht is 167 meters (550ft) long (almost twice the length of a football pitch) and 70 ft wide. For the right to keep the largest private vessel in the world Abramovich paid almost half a billion dollars.

The interior of the boat leaves all rivals in the yacht business behind. Built over nine levels, the

Eclipse will have two helipads with a hangar, 4 pleasure boats, a craft to ferry guests from the shore and back, 20 water bikes and the 12-seat sub that can exit the hull through the bottom of the yacht in complete privacy.

The “Admiral’s” cabin is going to contain a grand piano, a mini theatre and an exhibition place, 3 cafeterias, an aquarium, a disco, a swimming pool with sauna and steam room. It also features a wine cellar, 2 kitchens and the place for the staff that can contain up to 100 members. To avoid rocking, the vessel has a computerized stabilization system. The yacht also will be equipped with a missile-detection system and underwater infra-red detectors.

The Russian oligarch already owns the 377ft Pelorus, the 282ft Ecstasea and the 160ft Sussuro.

Translated by Lena Ksandinova

Author`s name Alex Naumov