Author`s name Alex Naumov

World’s tallest man receives giant car to fit him in

Leonid Stadnik is the tallest person in the world. He lives in the Ukraine and is 7, 6 feet tall. On Monday, according to the president’s secretary Irina Vannikova, Viktor Yushenko met with the giant.

The Ukrainian president had the present for the man – the keys to the reconstructed car that could fit Stadnik in. Several weeks ago Sergey Stadnik addressed Mr. Yushenko with the request to give him the car in which a 7-foot person can feel comfortable.

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Yushenko asked the automobile company “AvtoZAZ -Daewoo” to construct a car that would be suitable for Ukrainian “Gulliver”. The company gladly helped. Several weeks later the saloon and the seats of Chevrolet SUV were reconstructed and enlarged so that Sergey could use the car.

According to, in 2004 the citizen of the Ukraine became the tallest man in the world. He is 36 and he is 7, 6 feet tall. As a child Stadnik didn’t use to be very tall. It wasn’t until 14 when he had brain surgery done that Sergey started to grow. The surgery had bad effects on secretion and metabolism that are in charge of growth and development.

Leonid Stadnik's phenomenal height has forced him to quit a job he loved, to stoop as he moves around his house and to spend most of his time in his tiny home village because he cannot fit in a car or bus. But Stadnik, who Guinness World Records says is the world's tallest human, says his condition has also taught him that the world is filled with kindhearted strangers.

Since his recognition by Ukrainian record keepers four years ago, and by Guinness last year, people from all over Ukraine and the world have shipped him outsized clothing, provided his home with running water and recently presented him with a giant bicycle. On Monday, he got a new car, courtesy of President Viktor Yushchenko. "Thanks to good people I have shoes and clothes," said the 37-year-old former veterinarian, who still lives with his 66-year-old mother. In 2006, Stadnik was officially measured at 2.57 meters tall (8 feet 5 inches), surpassing a Chinese man to claim the title of the world's tallest person.

Translated by Lena Ksandinova