Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Peculiarities of Russian sex

It is generally believed that every nation must have its own notion about sex. Stable stereotypes about sex have been formed in many countries of the globe. Scandinavians, for example, do not have such a temperament like Latin American people, American men love oral sex, African males believe that their size does matter, whereas Japanese men are happy with a relatively small reproductive organ. What is the Russian sex like? Below you can read the list of most typical features about the Russian kind of sex.

1. Love comes first, sex comes second
“Love was invented by Russians to save money.” Foreigners may taunt as much as they like, but for Russians sex without love is not an act of human interaction. In Russia, those individuals who ignore moral values usually get indecent nicknames. It concerns women first and foremost. The social morale is more tolerant to men: they may have a love affair on the side, but they should keep it secret.

2. Traditional
Sexual revolution in Russia started 15 years later than in the West. It has not reached smaller towns of the huge country yet. So some prejudices inherited from previous generations still exist today (especially, in small towns):
- Women have their erogenic zones on their breasts, men – on the penis;
- People are allowed to make love only in the dark;
- Most married couples consider the doggy style position indecent, and if a woman agrees to do that, she is considered a whore;
- If a woman agrees to perform oral sex on a man, she is the worst woman of all. If a husband asks his wife for an act of oral love, their marriage can end in divorce;
- A woman will never dare to ask a man to perform oral sex on her;
- Anal sex is considered absolutely outrageous: respectable men and women to do act like that;
- All bad things come from masturbation.

3. Phallo-centric
A man always dominates in sex. To put it in a nutshell, the penis is the most principal thing about a man. The majority of Russian men believe that the longer and thicker their manhood is the better. Some men even take hormonal medicines to make it grow, although to no avail.

4. Unsafe
The first thing that may strike foreign women is that Russian men are usually unwilling to use condoms. They compare condoms with gas masks and say that having sex wearing a condom is like smelling a flower wearing a gas mask. This reluctance apparently comes from the Soviet times when condoms were of a bad quality, uncomfortable and highly unreliable.

Russian women do not have a great passion for safe sex either. Especially they do not like to use oral contraceptives, as they contain harmful hormones. In addition, they believe that there is quite a number of reliable methods to save a woman from pregnancy: taking a hot bath or a shower immediately after an intercourse, syringing with alkaline solution, jumping after sex, drinking raw beet juice or bay leaf tea, or putting your legs in hot water with mustard. If these methods do not help, a woman can always have an abortion, because Russian laws are very liberal at this point. Russian women have abortions ten times more often than women from Western countries do.

5. Hospitable
“Russian ladies love foreigners. Young women are ready to have sex even with me, a 58-year old man.” This is a typical phrase that one can hear from a foreign man during his stay in Russia. The Russians are inquisitive by nature. They want to know how foreigners differ from others.

Russian women prefer most African-Americans and Arabs. Swedes and Finns are less popular among Russian ladies (the European desire to satisfy women shocked them greatly). Finally, they do not like Italians and Turks for some unknown reason.

Russian men like Latin American, African and Asian women. But they have already been disappointed with European women because they act exactly like Russians.

On the whole, foreign charm still mesmerizes most Russian women.

6. Sado-maso
- “Your women have to suffer in order to love. The ruder I am, the hotter she feels. Where does it come from? I will never know …”
- “All Russian men are sadists a bit. They get aroused when they can slap a woman, tie her up or have her in a rough way. ”
- “Your women are masochists. Get more aggressive and brutal, and she will go crazy about you.”
- “Your men don’t try to enliven their sexual life. They lack self-confidence and interest for female erogenic zones.”

Foreigners do not understand what kind of country Russia is. Most Russians have small salaries, there is red tape, corruption and ill-mannered bosses. It just so happens that a real man in Russia is associated with an aggressive person, adapted to live in Russia. This stereotype of male behavior influenced sexual relations. That is the source of their reluctance to satisfy a woman, because real men do not do that, they tend to subordinate women in everything instead.

7. Romantic
A curious story happened to an American woman. She was sitting on a bench in a park all crying. She had been robbed of her purse, and had no money to get home. All of a sudden a young man in a Lexus drove up and gave her a bunch of flowers. He got back into the car again and drove away. The woman sold it back for two dollars to a flower shop with great difficulty and was thus able to get home.
Needless to say, that was a Russian man. They got married in several months.

8. Natural
On the one hand, most Russians are heterosexual in their orientation. What else to be said? Even Moscow, a civilized European city, bans gay pride parades. On the other hand, the Russians are known for their passion for everything natural. Russian women do not care so much about orgasms, sexual novelties and intimate epilation as European women do. Durex found out that 25 percent of Russians prefer sex in the woods to sex on the beach or in a Jacuzzi. Russia is an enormous country; it has much more woods than beaches or Jacuzzis.


Translated by Julia Bulygina