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Diet for men: Very pleasant and effective

It is typical to hear from a woman that she is on a diet rather than meet a dieting man. Television, fashion, glossy magazines and men’s preferences often make women strictly keep to diets.

The majority of men seem to be rather philosophical as concerning their extra weight: when they find out that their favorite jeans are too tight they just buy new jeans of a bigger size and forget the previous ones.

People like to say that a big man is a good man, although everything has its limits. Sooner or later a moment comes when a person realizes that he is too big and cannot live normally with his current weight. When one day you come home and suddenly see that the elevator is out of order it is much more than a tragedy for you if your weight is too excessive. And if you finally cope with climbing the stairs to your 12th storey you inevitably realize that something must be done to bring a normal easy life back to you. This hard exercise ends in short breathe and heart beating somewhere in the center of head. It is time to say to yourself: “Hey, man, it is your excessive weight!”

Men certainly put on extra weight when they are not very active. They sit a great part of their workday, never walk but drive cars and love to spend evenings in front of TV with beer and snacks.

It is incredible but men have invented their special method for losing weight and bringing their body to the normal condition. And they insist that the method radically differs from the traditional female way of solving the problem. And this is what men recommend to all, and particularly men, who want to get slim again. May be women also should follow them to find out if they are more effective than the traditional women’s diets?

First of all get electronic floor scales with an analyzer of fat level. It is the key gadget that really matters in all diet efforts as it is important to know how much we loose and how much time it takes.

Number two: forget all diets published in books, women’s magazines and advertised on TV. Some time ago, a British medicine periodical had a big publication saying that there could be no effective diet at all while regulation of nutrition may have a tremendous effect for a person’s weight.

Third: one who wants to loose flesh must obligatorily get more active. This must first of all be getting upstairs and downstairs without using the elevator. Also walk some part of your way to the office and back home. Walking fast is a perfect physical exercise for a city dweller.

Forget the traditional statement and the rule of all possible diets not to eat after 6 p.m. in case you go to bed after midnight. Those who go to bed at about 2 a.m. will grow awfully wild if they have to stay awake and active without having meals after 6 p.m. all the time till they fall asleep. Men who have achieved much success in dieting say that it makes sense to have last meals an hour and a half before going to bed.

What does it mean to regulate meals? It is important that we should not reject any products of our regular daily ration: if we need to give up eating some products we must substitute them with products that are more wholesome for the organism. Also, mind the calorie content in products and do not get upset when you find out that regulation of meals and reasonable dieting entails much spending. It is proven that wholesome meals are more expensive than unwholesome ones. At that, it is important to make meals both look and taste nice and good otherwise there will be no effect for the organism.

Men who know nothing about cooking will have to learn to cook to make their meals healthier and more regular. Men with families must forget the habit to eat what is left after their children have had meals. A new way of eating also supposes that a helping during one meal must be smaller than earlier when you did not care about weight and regularity of meals. Dietitians state that all dieting people should give up eating sugar. Sugar is the source of fast energy but at the same time it quickly adds more calories to the organism. It is a rather hard task for majority of people but giving up sugar is an obligatory requirement of all diets and healthy meals recommendations. If you feel it is not easy for you to give up adding sugar to tea then start drinking green tea of a better quality and coffee made of coffee beans. These beverages certainly taste better when consumed without sugar.However, mind that giving up sweet things absolutely may end in depressions and aggressiveness. Such things occur to people keeping to no-carbohydrates diets.

It is not a way-out to substitute milk and dairy products with those of no-fat content. The organism badly assimilates nutritive substances from dairy products with a too low fat content like 0.1 or 0.5 percent. The minimum fat content in dairy products should make up one percent.

What are the sweet things that allowed for people wishing to regulate their meals? Bitter chocolate, coffee made of beans with milk and several pieces of chocolate. Drink fruit juice that is made without adding sugar or better drink only fresh juice. Give up eating wheat bread, cakes, buns and macaroni. Like sugar, all of them give much fast calories. Substitute traditional bread with bran bread. Macaroni are not prohibited at all but it is necessary to eat them in a right way. Dieting people can eat spaghetti or noodles made of hard wheat that must be boiled within at least twenty minutes. Rice or buckwheat macaroni are also very wholesome. And forget potato as it contains too much starch. Give up mayonnaise as the biggest enemy of your health and figure. Its calorie content is shocking! Many salads are usually dressed with mayonnaise, so yoghurt sauces may save the situation. Believe that such sauces are tastier than mayonnaise and contain three times less calories.

Men are quite inventive in dieting indeed. In addition to the nutrition recommendations they have invented more recommendations that can be also really helpful for those who keep up to diets. The recommendation for people giving up smoking is to have a bottle with water and drink every time they feel they want to smoke also works in case of a diet, men say! Better have a sip of water if feel a little bit hungry or inclined to eat some fast food.

Psychological support and positive emotions make the dieting process more effective. Check your weight on scales at one and the same time every morning after visiting toilet. The results you see will be really impressive. Tell your friends and colleagues about your success in dieting to win their support and approval. Men add that they like to tell their women about dieting success and loosing flesh because women’s approval is so much inspiring. And another important thing: enjoy your meals as eating with good emotions makes for quicker loosing flesh.

Like any diet, the male diet also supposes that fast food, instant noodles, hamburgers, cheeseburgers and pies are strongly prohibited. Yeast dough, filling made of God knows what, aromatizers and other chemical additions make this food a heavy bomb for the stomach. Home-made pies are so much tasty that one can hardly stop and realizes that it is enough only when overeats. Better make hot sandwiches of bran bread, cheese, tomato and pot-herbs baked in an oven or an aerogrill for ten minutes.

Fat meat and lard must not be on your menu certainly. The organism cannot reprocess too much of adipose and it settles in cellular tissues untransformed. Adipose is also a heavy burden for pancreas and gall-bladder. Better eat lean meat but do not exclude meat at all as it is essential for the human organism.

However, according to physiology no-fat meat has a zero energy output. It takes as much calories to digest and split it as it may give. Meat is good thanks to its amino acids that are essential for the human organism. Better cook meat in an oven or grill with cheese and sauces instead of frying it. Barbecue is a wonderful alternative also. Wholesome nutrition includes much fish, seafood such as shrimps, squid and crab, mushrooms that can be added to meat while cooking in an oven.

Many diets suppose that people must give up alcohol. Men who propagate their own diets say that it is not obligatory to give up alcohol and add that red dry wine may be served at dinner. But this does not concern vodka and beer as their calories are no good for the organism.

So, men recommend women to consider their advice as concerning regulation of nutrition to have good health and slim body. Will these recommendations really help women loose flesh easily, get slender and remain healthy and happy and forget the hateful diets once and for all?


Translated by Maria Gousseva

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