Sandwich may appear to be more effective medicine than pills

Do you have difficulties in getting to sleep? Cramps in the legs? Do you suffer from long periods of depression? The stuff sitting on the shelves of you medicine chest may not be the best solution to your problems.

Any medicine has its contraindications and side effects. Perhaps a sandwich will help set your health to rights.

Everybody must be in the know that most unusual food preferences of a pregnant woman should be given the green light. A woman in the family way should treat herself to anything she may fancy for a snack: candy, herring, ice cream or even schoolhouse chalk.

In actuality, anyone feels like eating something special from time to time. Pregnancy simply makes appetite for particular foods grow much stronger. Nonpregnant women normally repress their sudden eating desires. Men simply brush them aside. The attitude is wrong, by and large.

Your body sends you a clear signal about the lack of some necessary substance in it. The faster you get the message and take action, the better your condition will be.

Do not hesitate and help yourself to any food or drink you are craving for. Make it a part of your diet for about four weeks. The amount of time should be enough for triggering self-adjustment mechanisms of your hormonal system. Curd cheese is good for you on a daily basis if you feel a weakness for it. However, you are likely to experience problems with your blood pressure and kidneys if salted or smoked herring becomes your regular indulgence. The table below will help you find more about symptoms associated with a deficiency of vitamins and minerals contained in certain foods. You can also use it as a kind of guidelines for replacing foods that may be detrimental to you health if consumed in large quantities.

You feel an urge to eat the following foods

Common symptoms and causes

Anticipated results and recommended substitutes

Dairy products

Anxiety, stress, insomnia.

Tension in the muscles is too high; cramps occur frequently.

Increased production of serotonin makes it easier to fall asleep.

The intake of calcium in an easily metabolized form relieves muscular tension.


Low blood pressure; intensive intellectual activities; excessive tiredness and fatigability.

Coffee will have an invigorating effect on your system. Cut down on daily amount of beverage if your heart starts beating too fast. Try hot chocolate for a change

Ice cream

A deficiency of glucose in the bloodstream; emotional crises

Whole-meal bread is good for raising the blood-glucose level. Jam and honey can do the trick too.

Salami, meat, smoked fish

Lack of cholesterol; weakened brain activity; lowered hormonal level and sex drive.

The intake of saturated acids and cholesterol will improve the situation. Include avocado, vegetable oil and nuts in your diet.

Herring, pickles, olives

Metabolism rate is too high; overactivity of the thyroid gland

Drink plenty of mineral water to help stabilize your blood pressure

Mustard, garlic, red hot pepper

Immunity level is too low; common cold and respiratory infections attack regularly

Eat garlic with every hot meal and sprinkle spices on your food while cooking it.

Source: Zhizn

Translated by Guerman Grachev

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Author`s name Alex Naumov