Ovulation makes women fall in love with machos

During ovulation women fall in love with handsome machos but when it is over they prefer to stay with not really attractive but rich men.

Often, women take the reproductive instinct for real love. It is incredible but not women’s hearts but their menstrual period phases determine whom they may choose as objects of love and care. This is a conclusion that researchers from Michigan made when investigating female sexuality problems.

Men think that if they become cleverer, stronger, richer and more charming than others they will win more women’s hearts. However, they have no idea that at different times women love absolutely different types of men. To tell the truth, a woman has new preferences for a new type of a man every week. It is her female nature that dictates what type of a man every particular woman must choose as the sex object at a particular period. There are four basic types of men, the researchers state.

An attentive good-natured man. Usually, women give their hearts to feeble and good-natured men during their menstruation as this is the period when a woman first of all wants to be loved and caressed. This is the time when men’s sexual attractiveness and their muscularity matter nothing for women. During menstruation women feel vulnerable and fragile; they want careful protection and loving cherishing from careful men.

An incorrigible romantic. When menstruation is over, women feel renewed and freed before ovulation, maturing of the ovule. At this period, they prefer intellectual, dreaming and artistic romantics. The female nature dictates that soon a woman will need a partner for reproduction. Men of this type are more amorous than others. At the same time, this is also the period when women become terribly jealous and will not stand unfaithful partners by their side.

A healthy and strong macho. During ovulation, this is in the middle of the female menstrual cycle, women’s organisms are ready for conception. It means that a woman needs a male with good genes no matter if he is careful or not, faithful or not. The only condition is that this man must be handsome and absolutely healthy.

A reliable pragmatic. When the ovulation is over, and a woman may probably be already pregnant, she seeks company of pragmatic men who are independent and well-to-do. At this time she wants stability and protection. She sees her male as the guarantor of her kids’ future. Man’s wit and beauty are of lesser importance than his money. It is incredible but at this very period women avoid establishing contacts with handsome men. They do not want to share their men with other women or win them back from other women. So, women rather prefer unprepossessing but faithful and reliable men.

The researchers believe that this selective behavior of women is the result of complex processes in the cortex. The electrical activity of cortex varies depending upon the phase of the menstrual cycle. The whole point is in the interaction of the stimulation and inhibition processes in the cortex. This explains why women may have different preferences for men at different times.

Source: eg.ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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Author`s name Alex Naumov