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Syphilis is the best disease people may catch after having unsafe sex

Every person of either sex had to consider seeking professional medical help of a venerelogist at least once. No doubt about it, love is a beautiful feeling. But you just cannot write off sexually transmitted deceases (STD).

The story is not new. Two people meet, have a few drinks, and go to bed. They wake up the next morning and go separate ways. After awhile, they meet again. In a hospital where outpatients diagnosed with skin and sexually transmitted diseases receive treatment. And nobody seems to know who infected who.

According to recent scientific findings, the brain of a person prone to taking unsubstantiated risks has a decreased electrical activity in some of its sections responsible for motivation and decision-making. To put it bluntly, the findings indicate some mental problems of those who practice unsafe sex (no condoms or suppositories).

Boys and girls have been finally persuaded into wearing condoms every time they get to know one another via genital or anal sexual contact. But TV ads for the promotion of safe sex apparently forgot to address the perils of oral sex. Why do you think lesbians infect each other with syphilis? That is correct. The microbes are pretty indiscriminate in terms of mucous membranes they choose to travel along as long as the locks are open.

Incidentally, a woman will in all probability be infected by a man during oral sex while a man is more likely to get away with it. Our message for girls is short and simple: give it another thought before you open your mouth. And you had better carry a package of those latex things that are tried and trusted by millions of people worldwide. Besides, they can smell of chocolate and strawberry.

Always practice safe sex, especially when you fancy a one-night stand.

Well, a variety of things may happen while you are being swept away by carnal knowledge. For example, a condom may break during the intercourse. You should follow the tips below:

Contact your doctor within a few days following the botched-up intercourse. You spill the beans and get a hefty dose of antibiotics in return (to prevent the development of such STDs as Chlamydia, gonorrhea, mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis, hepatitis B, trichomoniasis, and syphilis).

The method has a number of disadvantages:

- You cannot use it frequently i.e. it is no good as a substitute for a condom.
- You cannot use it if you are allergic to antibiotic prescribed in your case.
- It has no impact whatsoever on viruses e.g. genital herpes, human papyllomavirus/condyloma acuminatum, and HIV infection.

The second method is recommended for those gullible individuals who tend to trust their partners against all odds. If you fall under the category, wait for three to four weeks.

Within the above period of time you will be able to see if your lover boy has lied to you. Infection will come to light one way or another. For example, you will feel itching in the genitalia, a foul-smelling discharge, and pain on passing urine. At times STDs have no manifestations at all. Then you have to wait for a month and take special tests to find out whether you have been infected.

Incubation period of some venereal diseases:

Gonorrhea – 2-10 days 
Chlamydia – 1-3 weeks 
Ureaplasmosis – 3-5 weeks 
Mycoplasmosis – 3-5 weeks 
Trichomoniasis – 1-4 weeks 
Syphilis – 3-4 weeks 
Soft sore – 2-10 days 
Genital herpes – 1-26 days (usually from 2 to 10 days) 
Condyloma acuminatum – from several weeks to nine months (usually from 1 to 3 months)

Treatment of a sexually transmitted disease is of paramount importance. According to venereologists, syphilis is the best disease of all. It can be cured fast and for good. Treating other STDs can be a long story. Some of them can be effectively cured, others can only be blocked up temporarily. “Honey, what present do you want me to bring from that resort?” “Sweetheart, whatever you want. Anything is curable these days.”

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Translated by Guerman Grachev

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