Man's best friend should be eaten fresh in spring

There is a perfect substitute for a Viagra pill – an oyster

Human beings have always been passionate and persistent in their quest of the ultimate aphrodisiac – the substance, which would give men the strongest stamina and make women desirable and insatiable.

The notion of aphrodisiac appeared in Russia after the fall of the iron curtain in the USSR. People were extremely interested in such mysterious arousers as the Spanish fly and yohimbe. The invention of the infamous Viagra pill seemed to be a real breakthrough in sexology. However, specialists explained later that Viagra was dangerous to the heart muscle.

Needless to mention that a natural product has the obvious advantage in comparison with chemicals. As it turns out, Casanova, the greatest lover of all time, was in the habit of eating about 50 oysters for breakfast every day. Modern scientists say that oysters is the ultimate natural aphrodisiac.

American and Italian specialists are certain that the nutritional value of oysters reaches its peak in spring. Oysters have long been rumored as a food aphrodisiac to boost men's and women's libido. Researchers could not find a scientific explanation to the phenomenon, though. It is not ruled out that Casanova became such an outstanding figure just because of his breakfast of 50 oysters.

Oysters are rich with rare amino acids – D-aspartic and N-methyl-D-aspartate. These substances contribute to the output of additional portions of hormones. Rats became the first creatures to test the supposition: injections of the above-mentioned acids resulted in a considerable rise of the hormone level with both male and female rats. Scientists came to a very simple conclusion: the increased level of the above-mentioned hormones in blood intensifies the sexual activity.

Specialists emphasize that oysters are most effective when they are eaten fresh. They are highly perishable, however, and should always be properly refrigerated. If you want to experience the best effect, dietitians recommend eating them during their own reproductive phase – in spring that is. 

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Author`s name Olga Savka