Death rate among men highest on their birthdays

The number of acute respiratory diseases grows during a month, which precedes a person's birthday

Men have critical cycles too, like women. Moreover, both men's and women's critical days go by in a rather unpleasant way and may even result in a lethal outcome. The conclusion was made by Russian scientists from the Kemerovo State Medical Academy, who conducted a series of successful experiments.

The majority of people associate the word “cycle” with so-called critical days, or periods. Men prefer to stay away from women, when the latter have such, for they become short-tempered and willful. Women's periods were not the subject of attention for Kemerovo scientists, though. They were more interested in another phenomenon – an individual annual cycle that lasts from one birthday to another.

It was believed that the annual cycle exerts influence only on the work capacity.  However, when Russian scientists examined over a thousand of volunteers - at first men and then women – they discovered strong links between cycle and health. “We determined that the number of acute respiratory diseases grows during a month, which precedes a person's birthday. The number of heart attacks grows too along with the cardiovascular death rate,” Doctor of Medical Sciences Nina Barbarash told the Rossiiskaya Gazeta.

Scientists from the Gerontology Research Institute from Kiev came to even more sensational conclusions. They found out that birthday is a very sad holiday: 44 percent of men and 36 percent of women die during a month before and after their birthdays.

One should keep “critical days” in mind no matter what plans one might have for such days. It would be quite reasonable to turn plans down on certain occasions. Doctors recommend not to make cardiac operations on birthdays, for the probability of a lethal outcome is rather high on this day. One should be very careful with drinking strong alcohol drinks during birthday celebrations too.

In addition to gloomy stages, ever cycle has pleasant periods too: the first three months after the birth date for women and the time period between the fourth and the sixth month after the significant day for men. The creative potential of an individual increases a lot during that time, and he or she will be much more successful in solving the problems, which seemed to be extremely hard before.

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Author`s name Olga Savka