The press made female alcoholic quit drinking

The female from Blagoveshensk who had been taken to the local sobering-up station 70 times, quit drinking after Russian media wrote about her “record”.
"The record holder decided to stop at her current “result”, and quit drinking”, said head of the sobering-up station in Blagoveshensk Yury Zharkov. She never finds herself in the sobering-up station any more, although previously she was a regular patient there for the past 25 years.

However, articles in the press on people do not always change the people’s way of life, said Yury Zharkov. "A-24-year-old woman named Rosa, was brought in the sobering-up station 41 times for the last 9 years, and the press often wrote about this, but she is still our regular customer”, he said.

According to medical and sociological research, every year more and more Russian women become latent alcoholics. Ladies from well-off families become alcoholics as often as the ladies from poor families.

For instance, a 27-year-old Tatiana, a highly paid auditor, made her first step onto the slippery path of alcoholism in the company of her friends drinking a bottle of good wine, the Taipei Times wroteю

Anna, a quite wealthy 26-year-old housewife and a mother of a 3-year-old kid, felt that she had been caught in a “gold cage” when she had got married after graduation from the institute. "When I was out for a walk with a son, I bought 2-3 cans of beer and drank them before my husband came home from work”.

Another housewife, a 32-year-old Marina, had a rich husband as well. She made a hiding-place in her house to hide bottles and drink alcohol from them, secretly from her family. As soon as Marina’s husband learned about her addiction to alcohol, he immediately left her.

According to statistical data, 10 years ago there was 1 female out of 10 alcoholics in Russia, and now this ration is 4:10.
“Russians are inclined to extremes too much. If they drink one glass of wine while having dinner, the glass quickly becomes a bottle", says sociologist Margarita Pozdnyakova.

Source: Russian and foreign media

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova