Disabled with no Legs and Arms Becomes Man of Planet

Unfortunately, the man cannot afford better artificial limbs for participation in New York marathon next year
American journalists call Sergey Burlakov from the Russian city of Taganrog (the Rostov Region) the man of the planet. The title was given to the 33-year-old invalid after he covered the whole distance of the traditional New York marathon.

34 people from 128 countries of the world took part in the marathon, however Sergey was the only man with his arms and legs amputated, he had artificial legs and arms. After the marathon, the following record was entered into the Guinness Book of Records: the first man in the world with fourfold amputation covered the distance of the New York marathon of 42.195 km for 6 hours and 51 minutes. Sergey Burlakov also received a certificate on the record from the organizational committee of the New York marathon.

When Sergey finished, he was greeted with stormy applause and US servicemen saluted. A woman fainted when she saw that Sergey had to replace blood-stained bandages in the middle of the marathon distance. The Russian participant was the first to be invited for the awarding ceremony.

Sergey has been already invited to participate in the next New York marathon. At that, Americans are ready to make special artificial limbs to be used for running for $10 thousand instead of the traditional price of $30 thousand. Unfortunately, Sergey's pension makes up 1,700 rubles per month (a bit more than $50), and the invalid cannot afford such prostheses, ITAR-TASS reports.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova