Snakes Teach to Have Right Sex

Python-style sex is safe for people to be protected from AIDS
A snake-charmer from Tanzania has announced beginning of an unusual campaign for safe sex in Dar es-Salaam, Africa. African pythons will help the man fight sexually transmitted diseases. Norbert Chenga says that fast sex typical of snakes and usage of condoms reduce the risk of catching AIDS/HIV. BBC quotes Chenga as saying that condoms may burst if coitus is too long, and then a partner may catch AIDS. So, the snake-charmer recommends a python-style sex to people to be protected from AIDS.

Chenga says that in the framework of his campaign people will be able to see snake coitus. He adds that snakes need less time for sex as compared with people; it may take them just several seconds while people have sex for half an hour and even several hours, the snake-charmer says. 

Norbert Chenga says that a condom torn during long coitus may become the cause of a deadly disease. At the same time, Mark Graver from Terence Higgins Trust objects to Chenga and says that safety of a condom does not depend upon the duration of coitus, but depends upon other factors. 
All the same, Chenga keeps on fighting for safe sex and organizes performances in clubs, at wedding ceremonies and parties in his city in the framework of his unusual campaign. The snake-charmer says that once his snakes participated in a performance organized for the Tanzania president.   

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Author`s name Michael Simpson